The ‘Sports Illustrated’ Mess With The Sizes In Its Special Bikinis

Hannah Davis is 24 years old, grew up in the Virgin Islands and as her blonde mane and features reveal, it was girl Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and, since yesterday, model home special bath 2015 of Sports Illustrated, the publication that catapulted to fame to Judit Mascó there by 90 and that is characterized by teaching (thin) women in bathroom for male enjoyment (very little) clothing. Or as well summed yesterday up Jimmy Fallon: “this special is more among the kids of 18-24 years than the Super Bowl, only no one closes the door of his room to see the Super Bowl”.

Joking apart onanistas, for some, the most striking of this number could be that Davis does not appear on a paradise beach as commonly usual (would really someone attaches at the bottom of the image?), but the model pose on a Tennessee farm and not by the sea is not, precisely, the thread of the debate generated by this special. The debate casts aside the cover girl and enters the inner pages: can girls with curves out in the pages of Sports Illustrated? Yes, in this issue finally have been able to, but in two very different ways and, at the same time, very enlightening from where shots are going.

On one side is Robin Lawley, supermodel what diets (or has so publicized career) which has been chosen by Sports Illustrated as one of the special bath (novice) Rookies . That if the first campaign of the line Violeta By Mango, cover of Cosmopolitan and one of the members of that Vogue Italy historic special models away from the prototype of thinness, was labeled at its inception as “the first plus-size supermodel”. A tag enough controversy, if we take into account that this Australian of twenty-odd years holds a size 12 (which would be a 40 Spanish, ergo, the mean population size).

Sports Illustrated

On the other hand we have Ashley Graham, a young woman from Nebraska famous for their session of lingerie, have appeared inVogueHarper’s Bazaar or Glamour and flaunt a size 16 (44 of the Spanish). Graham also appears in this special bath, with a man falling surrendered to his feet behind and next to the hashtag #curvesinbikini (curves in bikini). Graham could be another of the ‘novice’ magazine, but it is not. Graham poses for coating plants Swimsuits for all signature campaign. If Graham goes in this special bath it is because the brand has paid to the magazine to make it appear. The first time that the publication has been hypothesized to include women with curves, has done charging for it.

A very significant factor to prove that this so-called opening of sights around the female body that we have been observing over the last year still is going through a very slow transition, especially if we are talking about a historical publication as special bathSportsillustrated. Remember that the impact of this issue is considerable: generates more than 1,000 million dollars in profits, gains that come with the sole and exclusive will exploit the women physique, without matter more than your measurements… and which well combine the heels with the shift microbikinis.