The S4 Camera Zoom Test

10-speed optical zoom, 16 Megapixel, xenon flash: The camera test shows whether the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom does what the specifications claim.

We have with us the Galaxy S4 zoom embark on a small photo Safari through the city to see what the 16-Megapixel camera of the Android smartphones actually got. The data sheet reads Yes already not bad: A ten times optical zoom has otherwise to offer a cell phone and also the Xenon Flash with hardly a news unit.

And actually, the image quality equivalent to that of a compact camera than a phone rather. Just the zoom and the Flash prove in some situations really practical and clearly superior to the solutions such as digital zoom and LEDs used in cell phones.

The following shots were largely taken in Automatic mode . Where the Flash or a special shooting mode was used, we have described it accordingly.

Since the recordings from the Galaxy S4 zoom for Gallery had to be reduced, we have provided the images as a Zip file for free download for those who want to have completely pristine views of the recordings. The Correspondingly link, see the Gallery at the end of this article.

How the Galaxy S4 zoom as mobile suggests, we have tried in a first test. Bottom line: For a Smartphone, it’s too clunky, anyone to do something know with very good camera but can live.

Here the download of the original recordings, the ZIP file is approximately 42 MB big.