The Right Sport Outfit For The New Year!

Top motivated and with the right sport outfit we start the new year, because the motto is “Fight the Feast Day!”. This is at least the case with me. For Christmas and New Year’s Eve, well actually throughout the whole of December, I treat myself to everything goodies, which comes into my fingers.

This naturally has the effect that from January, the Sportturbo is thrown. I like to run because I like being in the fresh air. Otherwise, I train a little at home with my own body weight, because I am so reluctant to go to full fitness classes and in this way is much more flexible in time. Although the training with others or a personal trainer can strongly support their own motivation and so has a fitness studio definitely its advantages.

Before it starts, I usually treat myself to a new sports outfit. Ok, one could say now that the reward should follow after the effort, but I do not see that so closely. You want to feel good in your skin!

Sportoutfit: Yoga and Pilates

A good partner for light yoga and pilates exercises are loosely fitting T-shirts and tops as well as airy pants made of cotton. Since the exercises usually flow into each other, the clothes should leave you a lot of freedom of movement and do not constrict. Whether in plain black, bright orange, patterned or uni – that is your taste.

Sportoutfit: Fitness

For fitness workouts, you should grab sportswear with a tight fit, such as tight leggings and armpit or ring tops. The short sport top in bright orange can be combined very well with the single-color sports tights with color-contrasting details in orange as well as with the 7/8 leggings with allover print. In addition, a high elastane content ensures a good fit and a secure fit.

Of course, the Untunrunter counts. With a sports bra with support function and sporty panties and briefs you are well advised by

Sports Outfit: Swimming

If you have problems with your joints and should not strain them so heavily, I recommend to take the plunge into the cold wet. Of course, this costs a bit in the cold season, but with the black swimsuit with pattern details you always make a good figure. For what flatters more than black?

Sportoutfit: Outdoor

For outdoor activities in the cold season, you should basically wear clothing with special functions such as lined, windproof, etc. As the winter of this year is more moderate, you can of course go with a normal leggings and a cotton long sleeve,

And now… let’s go!