The Poncho, A Classic!

WOW! We have already back in the middle of August – so it goes also with large steps to the autumn. That is why today I present you a classic for the autumn: the poncho.

Favorite part in autumn: The poncho – a classic

I find a poncho just super practical and the good, it is really (almost) always usable.Just a classic.In the autumn I like to combine it with a leather jacket.Just thrown over it and already you are not only cuddly wrapped, but also stylishly attracted.Depending on your trousers and shoes, the poncho can be combined casually or chic.For pants I like the narrow cut jeans or cloth pants to the poncho better.In shoes everything goes, I think: sneaker, ankle boots with heel or boots.Ponchos simply evaluate each outfit individually.Of course the poncho can also be used for skirt or dress.There should be the dress or skirt but look down a bit.

Glad I wear the poncho at the front, although it is actually open. For this to be better, I use Trick 17 and put on a long necklace with a pendant which I wear over the poncho.So he does not open so easily.What you can do well, of course, is the one end of the ponchos over the shoulder, so it is also warm on the neck.

Another advantage of the Ponchos is that it can be used well in summer, especially in summer.If a day is not so warm, the poncho makes itself well over a blouse or a longsleeve.Pink I especially like to combine with white and gray.

The colors for the poncho

This autumn, pastel tones are still a must.A classic black poncho goes, of course, always.The model here with fringes I find especially fancy – a real eye-catcher, or what do you say?Also announced this year are grays.The pink poncho is also available in gray.

The handbag to the poncho

Of course, the right handbag is also important, since not every bag is well-tolerated with the poncho.It is best to use handbags with short handles that can be worn loose in the hand.Or, of course, the small shoulder bag, which can be worn under the poncho.The bags, which are carried over the shoulder with their handles, are not so well suited.Since the poncho disrupts, the bag slips or you are carrying the poncho over the bag and that seems unfortunately directly somewhat bulky.

I am very curious about how you like to combine your poncho.You are welcome to comment on this entry.

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