The Perfect White Shirt

Friends, I think as I get older. 2 years, I started a small collection of shirts United or printed without even realizing it. I think that’s it, in terms of clothing I finally became an adult for us, in my aaaaage I feel very comfortable in a t-shirt. Finally, say that depends on t-shirts but if they are badly cut or that cotton is a bit cheap, I really feel like out of the House in your Pajamas (and yellow haloes under the armpits of the white t-shirts, my worst nightmare in the summer). At least, the shirt has the advantage of having a pass that structure to him alone all the holding, for me it is the best ally when I want to look a little dressed without making it too.

Then of course I avoid at max wearing my blouses with pencil skirts or too feminine outfits because it is a style in which I don’t recognize any (anyway I don’t have a pencil skirt in my closet). I love and admire the glamorous and feminine girls side but I totally assume my side boyish masculine-feminine. I also feel that the more years pass and less put dresses or skirts… Yes, it’s a shame, but at the moment I feel good like this! And between us, this kind of outfits is absolutely not compatible with my lifestyle, I walk a lot during the day (I’m going to work on feet) so bye bye heels and other very feminine attributes.

I’ll show you so a look shot last weekend in full blast in the wet, so let’s not talk about my hair (sparkling) If you don’t mind. My white shirt is a basic model of UNIQLO, it’s one of their best sellers according to PETSINCLUDE. She is very well off and has the advantage of not quite be Rumple because it is designed in a special fabric to the silk touch, which is a must when you’re allergic to iron (like me).

Well, I don’t know too much what to say else except that we should all have a white shirt perfect in our closet.

With that, I leave you, I have a suitcase to prepare (who’s who goes on vacation soon?) It’s mouuuuuuaaaaa hiiiiiiiii).