The Origin Of The White Wedding Dress

Have you thought about the color of your dress? Well, most likely it will be white, ice, off white, or very light colors like these. This is very common and the white wedding dress has already become a tradition in Brazil and in the world. But do you know the reason for this tradition?

Unlike other symbologies that were still born in antiquity, the tradition of white dress is more recent, after the Middle Ages. According to historians, there was a time when the bride did not have to worry about the color, but about the beauty and the luxury of the dress. This was because the marriage was the fruit of commercial arrangements and, therefore, should show to the society that the families had possessions. Red and black, for example, were colors much worn by brides of the Middle Ages.

And how did we get to the white dress? Researchers say there is no consensus on the origin of this tradition, which is attributed to three different queens: there are records indicating that Queen Mary Stuart of Scotland was the first to adhere to this color, still in the sixteenth century. She would have made this choice to honor the Guise family, of her mother, whose coat was white. Another account, however, points out that it was Queen Marie de Medici of France in the seventeenth century who caused a stir at Court when she was the first woman to decide to marry a white dress-her dress still had gold details And square neckline. This was a daring novelty at the time, because the current religious aesthetics indicated the use of dark colors and dresses closed up to the neck.

But the most well-known story tells that it was Queen Victoria of England, in the nineteenth century, who launched the white trend. Victoria was one of the first nobles to marry for love and this may have turned the white dress into a symbol of romanticism.

Regardless of who launched the fashion, the truth is that the dress of dreams is undoubtedly one of the highest priorities of many brides.