The New Business Model of Vodafone to Fund: Grants Itself, But Not for All

Vodafone still outlining their stance before the reduction in the subsidy of mobile the operators carry time insinuating but began to materialize two months ago with the extension of stays at 2 years and continues on April 10 as yesterday.

Along with improvements in rates Vodafone announced during MWC and which will enter into force the same day 10, we will try to clarify the new business model of Vodafone for private and independent now that we have some more data.

For new customers, funding of mobile without permanence and discount rate

The portability from other operators Vodafone and the new high will not permanence but optionally you can hire any of the rates by carvings with a 15% discount on the fee in Exchange for one stay of 12 months in the operator and with complete freedom to change the rate without losing the discount.

In addition, with or without permanence signed, Vodafone will facilitate access to renew mobile (per one anchored and customized by Vodafone) to all customers through financing (no interest while you are a customer of Vodafone and a minimum funding of 120 euros) and lowering the price with the program of recycling Re-estrena. High in ADSL, Vodafone at home and the mobile internet devices like tablets and modems to keep grant with permanence as usual.

Past twelve months Since the high in Vodafone, although it has signed permanence by discount, users already benefit from more advantages by being customer that you shall detail:

Continue to subsidise terminals for current customers

Existing customers will continue to have access to the program points as usual with freedom to change rates whenever they want and using points that create suitable in Exchange for stay of 24 months, although as a novelty instead of points, if you no longer have any permanence by terminal can access to one of the following possibilities:

  • Terminal + stay in 24-month rate It will be the only way to continue to have access to mobile from 0 euros in a manner similar to what were used as terminals will have a single price that will vary depending on rate associated (as the Renove style Orange) and renewal involves consuming all points start to accumulate from 0.
  • Or a 15% discount on the fee rates by size in Exchange for a stay of 12 months Vodafone, although if you change your mind and sometime prefer a mobile phone, from the six months the permanence may be replaced by another that subsidize mobile (points or terminal + fee) with the consequent loss of the discount rate.

In any case, it will also be possible lowering the price of the subsidized mobile with repurchase of terminals (program Re-estrena) and facilitate payment with interest-free financing.

According to Vodafone, will be more aggressive increased subsidies to existing customers as we can see in the example of the image:

For more details on the new system of subsidization of terminal prices + retention rate or specific conditions on financing, will have to wait a few days.

All the conditions of the rates

What has changed in practice?

To have access to mobile prices subsidized similar to which were used up to now in Vodafone portability, since April 10 will need to be customer for a minimum of twelve months but during that period they may benefit from a discount on the tariff.

Current customers to possibly benefit from reductions in the cost of the phones signing permanence in rate (with prices similar to the current portability) and that the intention is that from now on all the clients of the operator have access to the same prices, included with time, which are offered in hint of portability, a term that will no longer have sense to match prices.