The New Android Ad Celebrates Diversity (And Launches a Taunt to Apple) with a Piano

When the Android motto “be together, not the same”, it is clear that in Google, they are very proud of all the variations present in the market, both hardware and software. Finally and after all, there are an estimated 24,000 different models of Android.

In the advertisement Android compared to a normal piano 88 keys, While arises at the same time how it would sound the same tune in a piano where all the keys are equal, an obvious criticism of more uniform model of Apple with their devices. As it could not be otherwise, the melody sounds great in the normal keyboard, and a total and boring disaster in the “loaded”.

The argument beyond that each of the devices they are precious and unique in its own way, It continues to be a little loose, but the main idea of offering a huge range of options to users is indisputable and therefore one of the main pillars of the operating system.

A somewhat more emotional announcement

Previously Google has tried to express the same idea with a more comic touch, as in the announcement of disguised fingers or cat crazy, to name just a few of the examples, but in this first ad of the year opted for something simpler in a more emotional way.

By the way that if you’re really curious, also have a video describing how it made the announcement, where you can learn more about the idea and see the inner workings and complexity build a piano in which all keys are the same (and it is more difficult than it might seem at first).