The Most Popular Accessories for Samsung’s Galaxy family

Little, Samsung announces a new Galaxy Smartphone, the interest is huge. That does not come from about the South Korean manufacturer with nice regularity delivers again devices that are convincing with their technical facilities. According to many fans and users looking forward to each new release, so that Samsung’s Galaxy series will find plenty of buyers. That’s it not may lack accessories, see also dozens manufacturer and flooding the market with numerous gadgets. Our site looked around himself and presents the most popular accessories. Click through the photo gallery.

The most popular accessories for the Galaxy family

More power for the battery

Until today there is hardly a Smartphone that completely convinces with its battery life. Also Samsungs Galaxys are no exception in this regard. So that the phone does not fail at the crucial moment, there’s a whole range of useful tools. A power pack for example provides a special mobile shell the battery has with additional juice. In an AC, a second battery is resting and fueling new power, while the Smartphone is still fully in use. And with inductive Wireless charging the filling up of reserves is even more convenient.

Multimedia station Smartphone

That much more to start can be with the Smartphone, than just make phone calls and SMS to write is probably clear to everyone. With the right gadgets you get but much more from your Galaxy: A gamepad turns the mobile phone into a small game consoles in many models can onto the Smartphone directly to the controller, you play as with a handheld. To make the entire games from the Google play store a lot more fun. The point is, however, after an entertaining film in large format, take videos with a HDMI dock on the right screen. With the allshare transfer cast dongle even music and Internet content to the boob tube.

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Safely stowed on the go

On the bike and in the car they have the Galaxy of course also always with. On the way nothing happens to him, you use the good piece in a suitable bracket. So you can comfortably call with your smartphone over the loudspeakers of the car. And the navigation system says the fastest route you about it. Fasten the brackets usually using a suction cup on the plate or on the grilles of ventilation. On the bicycle you bring the construction, however, with buckles on the handlebar to.