The Most Beautiful Vintage Bridal Accessories

They Carry All The Scent Of The Decades Of 20, 30, 40 And 50-Different Times, But With Something In Common: The Unmistakable Charm. By Claudia Sies, Zankyou*

Imagine yourself as spotless as a Hollywood star, with a stunning makeup, the dream dress… Imagined? Now, add it all with vintage accessories. Guarantee: this partnership will make you shine even more while parades, linda, to meet the love of your life…

Engagement rings

Love uniqueness? Then the rings are vintage for you. The unique pieces are filled with history, classic, timeless and have a stylish design and very original. Diamonds, rubies or sapphires in various sizes and different cuts are the highlight. Bet on a vintage ring is to acquire a piece of art that will keep your charm for generations!


The vintage wedding bouquets are superdelicados: the flowers earn ribbons, bits of lace or jute involving the base, decorated with strands of pearls or crystals, brooches, medals and cameos. For a classic and elegant composition, there is the option of the bouquet composed of ancient brooches and buttons that stand out as a gem.


For brides who want to do a mini wedding or just a civil wedding, charming and delicate bags are an excellent choice to replace bouquets.You also has the advantage of being able to carry small accessories such as mirrors, lipstick and powder-great to give a touch-up on makeup during the reception.


The wedding shoes are important additions to the visual and therefore should be chosen very carefully. You can bet on a vintage model basic or do a DIY. The customized are also a great alternative you can use the same income or props of your dress! In this case, sneakers, socks, pumps and stilettos can have applications of lace, pearls, precious stones and tapes, according to your style.

Stunning Hairstyles!

Vintage Hairstyles give the bride a diva. There is a wide variety of accessories that can be chosen to give an up in the hair, but always think of the visual as a whole, including make-up and modeling the dress. The bride may choose to feathers, lace, headbands, impressions…