The Look Right: Henley Shirt And Sneakers Custom

Since the usual used completely casual way appears to be the Belle of the ball found a good cite as an example a combination that uses a part that I believe to be much overlooked in Brazil: the henley shirt, we talked about it here, and I think the play deserves attention for your versatility and chance to get out of the common place of basic t-shirt even without having any exaggerated detail.

Why does it work?

Here the usual was pushed to the limit of the casual shoes with the addition of two pieces extremely deprived. Note how even the lining of his jacket and plaid fabric merges (cold) contributed to leave visual lighter, composing a costume ideal for spring/summer. Henley and tennis slip on also come into account, are items typically used in warmer seasons, giving this cool climate production.

Here not only the account that you use, but how you use, so the sleeves of the jacket is a detail that helps keep the combo even more casual and youthful. The rounded frame glasses are an option.

Note: belts can be dismissed if the trim Pant is perfect, I know this might sound strange to some, but it’s considered ok.


use a very light linen suit in warmer weather. In the intense Sun Valley also put a Panama Hat or a straw trilby to protect and give upgrade on elegance.

In short:

  • Custom used with informal parts is high, think about it;
  • Henley shirt is an option less coxinha polo;
  • Slip ons are perfect for hot days;
  • In looks, cool details also have to favor;
  • Invest in thermally comfortable fabrics for summer, as cold and wool linen;
  • Sleeves rolled up and the exemption of the belt are resources to let visual even more modern;
  • Rounded frame glasses, Panama Hat, bracelets, a nice Watch: use accessories to give your touch.