The Legendary Game Portal Will Make His Official Arrival to Android for Nvidia Shield

It is proven that bringing classic computer games to Android is a very effective way to make extra sales for those games that take time in the market. We have seen many remakes, but that just announced Nvidia exclusive is not for little, as he is neither more nor less than the puzzle platformer from Portal.

One of the greatest successes of Valve will make your arrival to Android from the hand of Nvidia, but it will not be for nothing, as they have secured an exclusive for lo0s gadgets which has more invested. And while it is true that the game will come to this operating system, NVIDIA Shield will do so exclusively for the console.

So the company makes sure have a good reason for people to buy the console, even if not everything is bad news. And is that he is has already confirmed that the game is not bound to Shield, or even to the Nvidia components, which There is no reason why the game does not reach the rest of terminals after a while.

The date of departure has not been confirmed, worst Nvidia has confirmed that it will be soon, so not should surprise us get Portal throughout 2014, pending that fits perfectly without affecting neither graphics nor gameplay affected too.