The Jewelry Must-Haves for Autumn

I can hardly believe how fast the year flies. We have just been very excited about the summer and were curious about what awaits us there. Now we are moving towards the autumn with huge steps. And this is wonderful, as soon as autumn approaches, many new and exciting trends are inevitably inevitable. A few of them, which are also really portable, I have now brought together for you.

1. Autumn Trend: Ringparty

Rightly read, the ringparty continues to be at the top in autumn 2014.Well, finally, this trend is one that you can easily imitate and which is always reinvented.What is new now is that different materials are also being mixed.You no longer have to keep strictly a line.Gold and silver are very well tolerated.However, what is missing in a ringparty are the Midi- rings , also called Knuckle-Rings.They are a must.Loosens the ringparty with a few sparkling gemstones, best in autumnal tones, like Burgundy, moss green or even mustard. Not too big statement ringe at the ringparty and let narrow rings sparkle.

You can also put your ringparty in the best way if you cling to a warm cup of cocoa, which helps you through the first cold days.Never before has it been so sparkling framed as this year.

2. Autumn Trend: Extravagant jewelery for the hand

I have just not imagined a better concept, so I called it shorthand jewelry for the hand based on ejewelry. This is a really big topic in the autumn, but it has been trying to get into our hearts already in summer.Now these pieces of jewelry want to start right.These are handcuffs and finger chains, which always inspire with very playful, exotic motifs.While there is a kind of bracelet with an oriental pattern, a narrow chain goes from there to the middle or ring finger.Or curved lines form ornaments, which would immediately direct the eye to the hand and linger there forever.Such hand chains can be worn together with rings, but it is not an absolute must.

In addition, there is still a kind of narrow rail, which is pushed onto the palm of the hand and sits just below the knuckles.Like a ring for the back of the hand or even a flat cuff that just slides forward.This variant is perhaps habituation, but looks beautiful.

3. Autumn Trend: Choker

If you translate the word choker into German, you inevitably come across the term “Kropfband”.This is a chain, which is very close to the neck, so like a collar.Only much more massive.Choker sounds much more beautiful than crawling, so this name will probably be used sooner or later.Chokers are therefore a hot trend theme in the autumn of 2014. They pick up elements that have been celebrating their success for quite some time.These include statement chains, coarse jewelery, especially rough chain links.These now move closer to the neck.It is allowed to go rocky, but also the ethno elements, which are typical for the summer, are preserved here.

The mix and match character is particularly important, fabrics are combined with precious metals, pearls with glass stones, feathers and ceramics.The design is actually rather secondary, which counts, the feeling of the jewelry on the skin.You want to feel what you wear.Each material leaves a very special feeling on the skin.

This would already be 3 trends, with which we go in the autumn 2014.In the next few weeks, I will show you again and again what trends this autumn is going to convince you.Just try out a few new styling, mix colors and materials.Autumn is made with its colorful facets like this.