The Importance Of Cycling For Women

Cycling is undoubtedly a great activity to do. Whether in the park or on the beach, imagine that it is possible for you to practice physical activity and at the same time you are having fun and leaving your body in shape with it has no better feel than this.

Even with all these advantages, one question still remains: why do most women still resist practicing such an activity? Good second specialist in the area the main reason is the lack of company, where they end up feeling insecure to face alone the gear changes, the brake and accelerate in the bike, not to mention the chaotic traffic of the big cities that is to put fear in any One and not just the women themselves.

In order to show how it is possible for a woman to be inserting herself more and more in this environment, we have brought some important information and tips about the benefits that cycling brings to women so that they can perceive that the fear they feel can be overcome But only by practicing, they may notice it.

It is a fact that there is no other way to keep the body fit and healthy without it being necessary to practice physical activity. This must be inserted continuously in its routine and cycling may end up becoming a strong ally for those who are looking for good form but have aversion to academia for example.

Like all sports, cycling has a number of benefits for the body as a whole. Among the benefits that the use of the bicycle can provide women we can mention:

The Benefits Of Cycling For Women

Fight Stress

The cardiac contractions resulting from cycling are efficient in this process because it allows the blood to circulate more quickly reaching the brain and thus reducing the level of anxiety, anxiety and also stress, which is an illness that is affecting many women today , Either by the stressful running of daily life or by personal factors linked to women such as caring for the house, children, husband, etc according to

Promotes Weight Loss

If it is associated with a healthy diet with low caloric indexes, the practice of cycling can effectively help in weight loss and control, as well as favoring the weight loss process due to the reduction of body fat promoted by the practice of this activity.

Optimizes Sexual Relationships

When cycling you end up tonifying the vessels of the region of the thighs and legs and therefore the blood supply in the genitals and pelvic region become intensified which ends up contributing to a better sexual performance for both women and men.

Increases The Feeling Of Well Being

It is proven that the practice of cycling stimulates the processes of release of endorphins, which are elements responsible for the sensation of happiness and satisfaction, and also promotes an increase of the levels of serotonin in the organisms causing in this way in a greater relaxation for the body, situation is Which is also ideal for you to have a good night’s sleep, which is very beneficial for your health.

Cholesterol Reduction

With the constant practice of cycling the body responds positively also with regard to lowering total cholesterol levels and LDL which is known as bad cholesterol.

Prevents Infarction

With the practice of cycling, the glycemic indexes are reduced, which promotes a greater control of the diabetes that is a serious disease, being a risk factor for the formation of atherosclerotic plaques in the wall of the blood vessels, leading to angina and consequently to the infarction.

Therefore, for women with diabetes, riding a bicycle is also indicated in these cases.

Reduces Blood Pressure

The effects of cycling are also related to blood pressure, a problem very common among the female class.

Therefore, it is recommended to practice it, because when riding a bike continuously, the blood vessels are toned, thus promoting their relaxation more easily and consequently improving blood circulation which contributes to the decrease of blood pressure.

Increased Immunity

With the contraction of the cardiac musculature resulting from the practice of cycling the immune system tends to be stimulated and with this increases the production of white blood cells which contributes to the elevation of immunity, thus causing the body to become more resistant to the contraction of some Diseases mainly those that are caused by viruses and bacteria.

Improves Breathing

The effort produced by the pedals causes an increase of the heart rate and with that the oxygenation of the lungs and the tissues is improved facilitating the respiratory process as a whole.

Promotes Good Shape

For those women who practice physical activity, especially cycling, they will certainly have a lot to talk about when it comes to good form, because through this activity the body loses fat and the muscles are toned, thus promoting a healthy and beautiful appearance for the body.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, it is a fact that many other aspects involve female cycling.

In the midst of an environment that until recently was dominated by men, women gradually took up space and although at first they had to adapt to the equipment molded generally for male use, nowadays they have been developing ways to make these Increasingly feminine equipment.

In terms of style, women always strive to excel and in cycling is no different. There are several models of clothes, shorts with special lining, shirts with support to put accessories like key, cell phone, in fact the garment industry has given a special attention to the woman who decides to pedal and this means has grown a lot with the passage of time.

Regarding safety, women are always more careful than men when they go out to pedal. They care about each detail, choose carefully the equipment they will use as the helmet, knee or elbow for example and in the streets always look for attention on the course, things that usually male cyclists do not have a habit of doing.

Another interesting factor that should be mentioned is with regard to how men and women view cycling. For men, this sport has as its main objective the competition, the competition, that is, the challenge of showing itself better than the others.

In the case of women, this reality is totally different considering that they start cycling with other purposes such as the valuation of health, physical beauty and also emotional balance.

Currently there are scattered throughout the country a series of movements that encourage the practice of cycling by the female audience, as it is notorious still the predominance of men in the exercise of this activity.

Therefore, in order to change this reality, there are some Brazilian cities that adhere to these movements to include women in cycling. Listed below are some of these movements:

Movements That Encourage Female Cycling Practice

Balneário Camboriú / SC-The last week of each month happens the ride called Elas in the Pedal. This movement was formed by women to have as main focus the practice of cycling by women. But in this movement men also have free access.

Belo Horizonte / MG-In Mines Gerais the Pedal movement of Salto Alto seeks to combine some values ​​of the cycle chic among the participants, where the visual for them also counts a lot when it comes to pedaling. This movement promotes meetings every two months in Praça da Liberdade in Minas Gerais.

Brasilia / DF-Brasília Lipstick Bikers  is a movement that promotes regular cycling practices every Saturday morning where in this movement are present cyclists of all levels from the beginner to the more experienced.

Curitiba / PR-Curitiba has the Saia de Bike group  that, despite promoting discussions about the female universe, aggregates all genres.

Goiânia / GO-Exit Pedal  promotes pedals and, if not enough, still adds social values ​​to the movement.

Manaus / AM-The women’s group of the Amazon movement  of Bike  consists of a project developed in partnership with the Pedala Manaus group that promotes meetings of women who have chosen to use bicycle as a way to improve their lifestyle.

Natal / RN-The  Pedalinas Potiguares  is a movement that was created to show that women also have guaranteed space in cycling.

Porto Alegre / RS-in the capital of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, the  Cyclics  meet to pedal together and take advantage of this opportunity to exchange experiences and information on cycling.

Salvador / BA-Girls in the Wind  incorporate to their speech the’cycle chic’ as a way to bring the bicycle closer to the people. They also promote workshops and thematic meetings.

Finally, as it is possible to perceive cycling nowadays despite being an activity still predominantly masculine, it is gradually being taken by the female public who sees in the practice of cycling the perfect solution for their daily conflicts, besides being a great option to improve the Their physical and mental performance.

And you’re waiting for what, to start or call your friends.