The Hottest Phase of Motherhood

And after 3 long years the blog finally gets a new layout! I decided to change the old photos of them baby, just a picture that represented well the moment that we’re in right now; a delicious moment, mature, where we’re going 3 for the same side, United always!

Of course, the hassles of mom still here, steadfast and strong. Fears, uncertainties and doubts on way to educate… that’s part. And I’m sure you will join me for a lifetime.

But the important thing is coming out definitely “eye of the hurricane” and I can tell you unequivocally that Yes; There is a light at the end of the tunnel! And motherhood is becoming more and more enjoyable with a reward that’s called love. Here at, you can check more tips about motherhood.

I remember when the two were tiny, Bru with 2 years and little and Manu with a few months, height of cuteness, I looked for mothers with children in the range of 6 years and thought as well as dull, something that was light years away from my life. Yes, I confess I found very boring older children (#QuemNunca!)

Behold, I stand here, a few days ago of 6 years, Bruna complete saying how much I hope you moms of babies and small children to arrive soon at that stage. It’s almost a rebirth of motherhood, something new, simple and much easier to handle. Near the routine with a baby and small child, is simply incomparable. And I know it’s a transitional phase, as the mothers of older children claim; later these kids won’t want to stay with us, you will have your independence and will face each other and challenge at Adolescence. Something that also seemed so far away … but today I know time separating me from this period is the same as when I thought a child of 6 years was something for many years after.

Knowing that I have lived more than intensively this delight that is having a baby with almost 6 years.

Who remembers the hassles with Bruna between 2 and 4 years, you know that almost snapped. How many were the posts on Terrible Twos? I don’t know for sure… I came to put her in therapy by simply not knowing how to act with a child full of desires, quirks and difficult personality. The challenge has always been on how to control her jealousy towards the Manu and how it all estressava your back.

Jealous are gone? or rather, decreased?

No. Definitely not.

And this is still the biggest challenge I face in education da Bruna; How to teach to control the jealous sister and learn to live in harmony with her.

But the whole context has improved. What helps a lot.

They fight a lot, much the same as all brothers in the face of the Earth. But I also play a lot, and every day discover the delights that is able to have a friend, a companion for any time, to draw, play doll, try on my clothes and makeup and live all the feminine universe that your round me stronger intensity.

I have a lot to say here, is that delicious side of almost 6 years of Bruna, as even the “eye of the hurricane” at the beginning of the 4 years of Manu. Because it still gives me some work. Nothing I did not know that in a short time will pass, and that’s why I have taken a much more lightweight and patient.

I will speak not only of the new discoveries of Bruna as the Ballet, the beginning of literacy, independence and the first few nights away from home, but also my routine around here, the challenges of a working mother in “Home Office” as my battle for unsharing my bed, the dismay in the fly of the night Manu, our tours on weekends and of course the difficulty in raising 2 children after a separation.

Start the week thanking you never stop following me and comment, even when I get a little time away.

Kisses and welcome to new home!