The Games Give 90% of The Revenues of Google Play, 98% Comes from Games Free to Play

It is undeniable that the vast majority of normal smartphone users use their phones mostly for little professional work, such as instant messaging, social networks and the Games. That leaves productivity as a sector with very little public, something very normal when a product reaches the masses, but now we can give you some numbers that will give us more perspective.

According to a report by App Annie, Google Play obtains incomes almost exclusively games to levels where that practically only gives money. It is estimated that around 90% of what enters Google Play comes from games, but the report is not there.

If already that figure gives an idea of the money moving, write down another number. Said money generated games, games that are committed by a model free to play, without a down payment for the consumer, become generate up to 98% of the money generated Android games. It is a model shown profitable but that may change soon when the EU legislates to change it, something that seems more than likely.

This comes generated with different purchases both the advertising in-app for these applications. Certainly leaves in very difficult situation the application requiring a down payment or gamers who want to sell are complete, but it is hard to fight against a section of games in which the initial price is zero.