The Game 90’s Dungeon Keeper Will Make Your Arrival to Android This Winter

Mobile phones are still all a gold mine for companies that want to get more profitability of the ancient games thanks to the current power of smartphones and tablets, and digital market that minimizes them the risks of a Distributor. There are many games that now have a version for smartphones, and Dungeon Keeper will not be the last.

For those who are not well versed, Dungeon Keeper It was a management game that came out in 1997 under the developer Bullfrog, creator of classics like Theme Hospital, or Theme Park World. In this game you have to make a guardian of a den to protect them from intruders who want to steal our treasure.

Electronic Arts has confirmed that this title will receive the already coocido treatment to bring him finally to mobile, both Android and iOS, and mobile devices even though the company is not to take particularly well with Google’s operating system. Even so, we maintain the hope that there is too much inconvenience for this game.

This game will have an adaptation for mobile phones that will slightly change the gameplay, including to include online forms. Of the game is scheduled for this winter, which will have to wait a bit to get.