The Fez Game Is in Development for Ouya

Ouya It is the closest thing to a games console carrying inside Android to focus mainly on these programs to be sold. For this reason that the console will need big games so that consumers have reason to buy it, large-scale productions with renowned calling attention and generate many sales.

Today announced another great game that will take this console, considered one of the jewels of independent of the 2012 Games. It is of FEZ, a game of Ploytron games, led by the controversial Phil Fish, which began generating much expectation from this years game until you come out for sale, quite an achievement for an independent game.

For those who don’t know the game, must play with the perspective to overcome challenges of platforms, changing the point of view to be able to access to new places that would be impossible to achieve otherwise. This makes that it should be not only skill, but intelligence and creativity to overcome challenges.

The game has no departure date, but surprisingly, saying that the game will turn out before on this console to IOS, unlike many developers who prefer developing for iOS to Android. To be marketed in Ouya, you will have a free demo, although it is very likely that the full game will be paid