The Councils: Green Lanterns

In this new entry of the Councils of Tha I will talk about the ecological lanterns, that is to say flashlights that instead of carrying batteries use other ways to get electricity. The most common aredynamo.Thanks to a lever or a crank that we are driving is able to generate electricity. This type of flashlights usually use LED bulbs because they have a lower consumption, that if in return they usually give less light than a conventional flashlight. However this is not a handicap for the use we give them scouts.

As for prices, it is true that an ecological flashlight is more expensive than a conventional flashlight.Here in Spain a battery-operated flashlight is about 4 or 5 euros, to which we have to add another two euros (on average) in batteries, while the ecological flashlights range from ten to 30 euros. Of course if we count the amount of batteries that our conventional flashlight spends it is clear that it is more expensive. If we also do an exercise of imagination and we multiply the number of scouts and guides in the world by the number of batteries we spend for the camps that have been held since the bunny duracell brought us portable electricity… It is clear that it compensates.

Well, to the mess, necessaryhome finds several interesting flashlights. Take the jump and study it together.

ItsImagical bioexplorer ECOLAMP
With that name worthy of a NASA ingenuity I present you the lantern of the Imaginarium stores .
Ecolamp is the typical dynamo flashlight with its crank to recharge the battery. The use can not be simpler, of all the flashlights that I bring today is the only one I have tried. We gave it to my daughter almost three years ago, she lights it every night to read a story. As you can imagine has fallen several times and has suffered the normal consequences of a gadget in the hands of a small child. And yet it still works great.
Price: 14’95 € in Spain, 375 pesos in Mexico. The price does not come in all the countries, you can consult the catalog of your country in

Dynamo torch of Risko

The scout store Risko, Seville, also offers a LED flashlight that works with dynamo (it is loaded by pressing and releasing the trigger of the command) and leaves for € 10’34 plus VAT.
From Risko, Luis informs us that he has three leds, an inertial dynamo (acceleration continues three pull the trigger until it loses inertia) and an accumulator that can be changed easily, since it is the part with less life.

You have the information here.

Flashlight KEBLAR
On the website sell a flashlight brand Keblar (the brand likes the webs concise so it looks).
It is advertised as a high-power ecological flashlight, which only takes a ten-second charge to have ten minutes of light. I am grateful for the mention “Do not lose cargo ( several months)”. The bold is mine, I did not know this way to measure. At last, they give you a year warranty and says that the bulb does not melt and its accumulator allows to be recharged more than 100,000 times.
It is not submersible but water resistant.

The price is 25 euros.

Investigating I discover that the lantern is of the company Sun, inc that also manufactures another ecological flashlight of much more geek dynamo .

Flashlight Dinamo
In the Ecoinventos blog I found two interesting flashlights.The first is this, of dynamo also that is recharged with the crank that has incorporated. With 1 minute of crank accumulate between 45, 60 or 90 minutes of light, depending on the number of LEDs you turn on (1, 3 or 5 respectively).
It is quite similar to Imaginarium with which I opened the subject but has an incentive that no doubt many scouts will appreciate: a mobile charger. According to the author of the entry, 3 minutes of charge are enough for an hour of battery in the phone, more than enough for an emergency.
The complete article is here but the flashlight no longer appears on the Decathlon website , I do not know if they stopped selling it but there are others very similar.

Flashlight without battery

This other one, also found in the Blog Ecoiventos , is not of dynamo but usesthe principle of Fadaray , for the transformation of the energy of the movement in electrical energy. Speaking in silver, you shake the flashlight and it recharges its battery.
In the blog Ecoinventos do not talk about its price or where it can be purchased because the source article quotes the website Curious Objectsbut these only sell wholesale (Do you want thirty lanterns for your Pack?).
However a small search on the net gives us clues as to where we can buy it.
I cite you as an example PcDoxx . This store, located in Santiago de Chile, offers it for 6’32 Pesos.

Indigo Green Lantern from Actigreen
The interesting thing about the Indigo flashlight is that it has two possibilities. As a lamp, it has a set of ultra bright LEDs, ideal for illuminating a room, and as a flashlight with a single LED reading light or flashlight. And I say it’s interesting because you can use it as a lamp inside the tent without fear of burns or fires.
It can be recharged by plugging it into the current or recharging it with the dynamo.
A quick charge, about 60 seconds, allows more than two hours of directional light (one LED), and with full charge offers up to 2 and 1/2 hours of ultra bright light, or 70 hours of night light, using the directional LED .

Sale for € 25. You have the information on the website of Actigreen.

Solar flashlight
This flashlight was in a tris of letting it out. I found it in the blog but the article did not include any link, only the annoying ” hot words “. Run us down if we ever think of including them in La Roca.
The fact is that it is an idea that looks good: a flashlight that is charged by means of solar exposure. According to the author, and always referring to the lantern of which she speaks, four hours are enough to keep it on for 8 to 12 hours.
According to the comments it seems that the flashlight would be brand Comet Science & Technology Co., Ltd and on its web I found several very curious. The listing you have here.
Doing a search on the net comes out several more solar lanterns, like this one for example. Further down is another solar flashlight.

Nighthawk flashlight
This flashlight with a superhero name I found it in theEkoideas store.
The Nightwak flashlight has a wear-resistant dynamo system, for every minute of charge it provides light for about half an hour.
It is equipped with a super bright LED lamp of 0.5 W that provides a powerful light and an emergency charger for mobile phone, with connection cable and adapters for the most usual manufacturers. Useful if you have the phone to two candles and you have monkey to play the birds pissed
The flashlight goes for 24.50 €.
More info here.

Solar lantern and dinamo Barracuda
In the same shop Ekoideas I also found this flashlight that auna the solar system that we saw before with the dynamo. The Barracuda solar-dynamo flashlight also does not carry batteries and combines two different energy charging systems: a solar plate and a crank that allows you to charge it by dynamo. In the next video you can see it in action.

The Barracuda flashlight is waterproof and waterproof up to 5m.
If price is 22.00 €. More information here.

To finish I leave you with this concept (not yetmanufactured ) that I found in Ecologiablog .
We are presented with a flashlight of compressed air. as?Yes, no heavy metal battery, no toxic gas, no corrosive acids: only compressed air.
I quote:
This invention deserves a prize in the Greener Gadgets Competition, if you participated. It is the Bottle Light, an emergency light or flashlight that does not need external electricity or battery of any kind. How does it work? With compressed air! And no, you do not need complicated compressor pumps or much space for the light to be made. No, the design of Jia Peng, Cheng Peng and Wang Dong Dong just requires you to recycle a plastic bottle and add the Bottle Light device, which comes with its built-in LED technology. 
a Bottle Light has none of these drawbacks [waste batteries] , because it has no battery and depends only to give light, air. Make light of the air! How? Step 1: Remove the cap to a water bottle or soda. Step 2: Attach the small Bottle Light device to the neck of the bottle. Step 3: Repeatedly squeeze the bottle, and the light will be made.

The trick is this: by compressing the air by the pressure of our hand, a piston of the Bottle Light is activated, which converts the pressure exerted by the air into electricity. This electricity feeds the device’s LED bulb.

Interesting, right? The entire process in images, here .

Well, one last tip: Ciudadito with ecological lanterns that sell in some everything to a hundred, as we call in Spain to these stores that sell very cheap and [usually] very poor quality. In the network you can also find several testimonies of people who have been given a cat for hare.
In a few more days Tha’s advice, with a gadget for frikiscouts;-P