The Concept Is Based on – Exclusive LED Lamps Proven

Ledclusive.De Separates The Wheat From The Chaff

You can read it many times. Who buys cheap, buys twice. Finger away from Cheap LED Lamps.

The following are a few statements from independent organizations:

Stiftung Warentest:
“Expensive LED lamps are better than all others”;
“In the test the expensive LED lamps could decide the competition”

“Energiesparlampen suspended-LED lamps for the first time Test winner”
“Fehlkauf programmed-Cheap LED lamps often too dark”

“Energy-saving lamps in the comparison test: expensive LED lamps convince”

Energy Agency NRW:
” LED lamps are the test winner-the expensive LED lamps decided the competition for themselves”

For many consumers, the LED lamps are still too expensive. They are hoping for more price reductions, but it is forgotten that energy can be saved during this time. The time to buy is already now. Check critically where (LED shop) and which LED lamp they are buying. And for which purpose.

If a lamp burns for more than 8 hours a day, the switch to LED is absolutely worthwhile. Even at 30 € for an LED lamp (8W instead of 60W) the amortization time is less than 2 years. This is within the warranty period and means zero risk to the consumer. So why wait?