The Big Ben watch

Dutch designer and interior designer Marcel Wanders never fails to turn any piece of furniture or accessory that touches, from design to his famous Knotted Chair, to his latest creation, the great Big Ben wall clock born In 2012 and baptized to honor the mythical monument London , with whom he shares the same work, give the hours in a huge size, the Wanders at scale of clear housing.

A design wall clock

This fantastic watch has been designed for the Moooi signature, of which Wanders is founder and co-owner. The watch is made of fiberglass and with aluminum coated handles.Its rounded shape, the contrast between black and white and the embossed embossed background, a recreated lace very characteristic of the designer, are an example of the contemporary and ornamental style of the Marcel Wanders brand.

It is almost two meters in diameter and almost 18 centimeters thick. Put it where you put it, it will be the absolute protagonist of the stay. The designer himself has created it to remind us of the importance and weight of time, which has lately been relegated to mobile phones in the pocket and computer screens, forgetting the beauty of a beautiful wall clock.

In the small area where you put Home, you can actually put the word that you want and customize it for a gift or for yourselves . You must contact the company and request a personalized label.

If you do not want to pay more for that customization, the watch gives you the opportunity to change that tag with 5 possibilities. This icon includes 5 tags to exchange: “Home” “Everywhere” “Milano” “Amsterdam” and “Nowhere” . You can also leave the label empty.

Not yet many environments and spaces decorated with this watch for its recent release , only in some hotel whose decoration directed by Marcel himself. This is the case of the kitchen of the Andaz Hotel in Amsterdam.

Although it has cost me to give a price for this beautiful and huge design icon, I have finally found it. It costs around 5,700 euros, just in case you want to take him home to become the king of the living room , the hallway or the kitchen , where a clock is always necessary based on Wallclockstation, even if it is larger than the room itself. I’m exaggerating, are not I?