The Best Street-Style of The Week (CVII)

With this wave of Siberian cold that whips across Europe We might think that aesthetics is relegated to the background and that what really matters is to go well sheltered without taking into account as we unite. Nothing farthest from reality, our streetstyler seek any ray of Sun to show off their looks of winter and in those countries where the cold is only something temporary, Spring and their colors It seems that it is beginning to look head.

So for those of you that do not be afraid to cold or for those who are going to spend more than half of the time between four walls protected from heating, Here are a few ideas for your looks from the month of February.

The Denim It is still something quite helpful, make no mistake. Despite the cold, it is a material that point can give much play and still be warm and comfortable. The total looks-based Denim, with some other game corduroy or flannel shirt, they are options to take into account that they are almost always triumphant.

In addition, the washed stone, the chromatic wear, prints or metal sconces they can make of them something much more versatile.

Even simple accessories such as bow ties or neckties You can make a full turn to look and make it much more attractive. Within the winter set we can always find any way to do it more attractive.

Without a doubt, the great protagonists of the season and more when bad weather appears, it is the point. Does so in the form of Jacquard sweaters, with very winter prints with ties of floral prints and pants that bring the discordant note of color matching and designs in earthy tones or camel.

The good point is its versatility and the number of colors supported. From off looks in secondary colors with oversized trend in the courts and English style…

… even more elegant looks in which to add-ins are added to the trend. Blazer cut fitted with tie tinny game, contrasting earthy color with jeans and scarf paisley prints game. Classic at the same time that youth and taking match point in all its facets.

In short, although the cold prevents us from putting together all that we would like to, We can make a good match to our fall and winter clothing, betting on the tones of blue and the earthy and putting some point or wool in the outfits to put on warmer clothes a little. Once again, everything is take imagination to the topic.