The Best-Dressed Women Of 2016

The style has no size and these beautiful women show us. From the most classic looks, to the most irreverent, we introduce you to our fashion icons in the world of extra sizes

By: Mafer Vega Muciño.

Girls, I hope you had an incredible Christmas and have received many gifts, and if not, remember that we can always give ourselves.

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This time, and as a preamble to the new year , we have a recount of the women with the best dressed curves of 2016.

Although the positive body movement is already several years old, in 2016 we saw several curvy girls making history, like the Nike and H & M campaigns where girls with “non-traditional” bodies appeared; We saw the mega mami of Fluvia Lacerda appearing as cover of Playboy Brazil , and Ashley Graham rocking the curvy world as we are accustomed.

In terms of fashion, it was also a very important year. Who did not drop the drool with Adele’s outfits ? Or Who did not fall in love with the style of Dascha Polanco in his appearances on the red carpets?

So here I leave my top 5 of the best dressed curvys of 2016 . I hope it serves a little inspiration to know what to wear at the New Year ‘s dinner and convince once and for all that THE STYLE DOES NOT HAVE SIZE .

5 favorites by Mafer


With the change of look she had, it is more secure and within her elegance, a little more daring. With classic looks that highlight her beautiful features and curves , Adele captivated us every time she appeared in public.

Tess Holliday

* All photos: Tess Holliday Instagram ( tessholliday )

Tess is not only beautiful , she also defies fashion rules and knows how to wear them with a lot of security.What fat women can not use horizontal stripes?What do the dresses make us look wider?The beautiful model and mother knows how to throw all those myths and behave like most women dresses and necklines more scandalous.

Fluvia Lacerda

* All photos: Instagram Fluvia Lacerda ( fluvialacerda )

If anyone knows how to take advantage of that body of impact is the beautiful Brazilian model Fluvia Lacerda . Whether it’s a streetstyle look or at an event, Fluvia knows how to turn a basic turtleneck into the centerpiece of her look, and not for nothing, but with everything she puts on, she looks sexy. Por algoooo was the first curvy woman to appear on the cover of Playboy Brazil .

Ashley Graham

We could not stop talking about the queen of curves: Ashley Graham . Ashley this year consolidates herself as the main spokesperson of the Body Positive movement worldwide with the multiple appearances she has made throughout the year on different red carpets , looking impeccable, feminine and sexy in each.

Dascha Polanco

* All photos: Instagram Dascha Polanco ( sheisdash )

A standing applause for the one who was the best dressed of the year for me.

This actress of Latino descent looked perfect, but not perfect as we are accustomed to seeing actresses and models, she wore thick arms, cellulite , a bulging abdomen , and other physical issues that have instilled us are taboo and that we have to hide.

Dascha not only dared to use them, but she did it with so much confidence in herself that the only thing she reflected was security and sensuality.

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We wish you an excellent 2017 full of love, happiness and success.We see the coming year, a kiss and hug with much affection, beautiful curvys <3