The 7 Best Smartwatch

Having a smart watch provides a series of very interesting amenities and services. Discover the best models in this selection and choose the best smartwatch, that is, the one that best fits to what you are looking for.

Smartwatch Pebble With Traditional Watch Design

Cheerful red and silver model. In addition to its original design, it stands out for its small size and light weight: it is 7.5 millimeters thick and weighs 28 grams. As for the screen, it has dimensions of 1.25 inches. This smart watch is compatible with both Android 4.0 and iOS 8.0. It has several interesting functions, such as the possibility to count calories and steps, as well as monitor the hours of sleep. It also has the option to receive calls using Bluetooth technology. You can also receive notifications, use it to connect to social networks and set calendar alerts as well as alarms.

This comfortable model is available in various colors and designs. Also, you can find the reloh Pebble Time Round with a belt width of 14 millimeters and also 20 millimeters. Choose the model depending on whether you want a touch more masculine or more feminine, more cheerful or more serious. In addition, it is an ideal watch for those who do not want to lose the elegant look of a traditional watch.

Smartwatch Watch With Mobile Camera Remote Control

Stainless steel model with white strap. Its battery has great autonomy and can get to last 7 full days in standby mode. Allows you to use the camera on your smartphone by remote control; Is a very useful feature for photographing yourself. The screen is tactile, high definition and measures 1.22 inches. It also has a resolution of 240 x 204 pixels. The size of the screen is suitable to enjoy some of the games with this device. In addition, this model allows to locate our mobile phone making it sound and vibrate to be able to find it.

This smart watch is compatible with both Android operating systems and iOs (Apple). It has interesting features like the possibility ofmonitoring the heart rate as well as the hours of sleep. It also allows you to measure the steps, distance and calories burned during the ride. It has a special function to warn when the rhythm of life of the user is too sedentary. It has an alarm system and allows to establish calls using bluetooth technology.

Smartwatch With Two Interchangeable Bracelets

Sophisticated model that allows to change the metallic bracelet by a traditional bracelet of different colors. This is perfect if we have to attend some more formal event or simply if we like to change the look of the clock from time to time. It is a fairly fine model, since it is 11.8 millimeters thick. It has a slot to insert a SIM card; In this way, you can use the watch as a phone. It also uses bluetooth technology and is supported by the NFC function, which guarantees better connectivity with other devices.

This smart watch includes two detachable and rechargeable batteries to ensure the use of the device for longer. On the other hand, the metallic finish of this model has been developed both to take care of the look of the smartwatch watch and to increase the resistance of the watch, especially protecting the back of the watch.

Smartwatch Android With Nfc Function

Full black model, equipped with multiple functions.On the one hand, it allows to monitor the sleep cycles, as well as count the steps of the macha and warn when the rhythm of life becomes less active.It can be used with or without SIM card, and it has the NFC function to improve device synchronization. It also allows you to receive notifications, although it only supports Android operating system. It also has a remote control system for taking pictures with our mobile phone.

Although the capacity of this smartwatch watch with Android is enough for the basic functions, it has a slot for micro SD cards in case you want to increase the storage capacity of the device. This simple model is available in black, as well as in a design that combines the golden color of the box with the white color of the strap.

Smartwatch Samsung Gear 2 Neo

Simple black model of the Samsung brand. It has a screen of 1.63 inches and a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels. This allows you to view the various images in a very comfortable and sharp way. It is a smartwatch resistant to dust and water, so it will not be spoiled with the typical splashes when washing hands or sweat. This smart watch has a RAM of 512 megs and is compatible only with Android operating systems.

The Samsung Gear 2 Neo smartwatch uses Bluetooth 4.0 LE technology. It has a calculator function as well as save notes. It is a very completesmartwatch that weighs only 54 grams. In the design of this watch has not been sought to conceal that it is a smart watch, but the size of the device has been carefully taken care of. The box has dimensions of 3.79 x 5.88 centimeters and the thickness is 1 centimeter. This relatively compact design makes it look perfect on even the smallest dolls.

Smartwatch Perfect For Athletes

Alegre rounded box model available in several colors: blue, red, white, green and black. The strap is made of silicone and the case is made of metal to offer greater resistance to shocks. The screen of this smartwatch is TFT and measures 1.22 inches. Has a resolution of 240 x 204 pixels. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology, has 64 gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of storage capacity.

It is a great model for the practice of outdoor sports, as it is very comfortable and has a pedometer and facilitates the measurement of heart rate. It also measures pressure and altitude and is water resistant. It also has an interesting button management system only at a certain angle of 120 degrees, which prevents accidentally pressing any button while we play sports. In this way, it will withstand both rain and sweat without any problems. It also has a system to control the quality of sleep.

Stylish Smartwatch

Elegant model with functions to reduce sedentary activity. It has a system that remembers when it takes time without performing any exercise.Measure gait steps as well as heart rate. It also provides email notifications and social networks. It includes other functions like the alarm clock, calendar, and monitors the hours of sleep. Despite this variety of features, it measures only 12 millimeters thick. It is a comfortable model and weighs 222 grams.

It is a smartwatch compatible with Apple devices with iOS 7.0 as well as with Android 4.3 and earlier versions. It uses bluetooth technology and it allows to change the image of the screen waving the hand.Before the first use requires downloading a certain application, and after this step the connection is very fast. Finally, this smartwatch model is available in various colors and materials: silver, gold, black steel, rose gold, and a latest model with black leather strap. Varied designs for all tastes.

Tips For Buying The Best Cheap And Online Smartwatch

If you want to buy a smart watch (also called smart watches) will have to take into account a series of details so that the purchase is adjusted to our pretensions and expectations.

A first detail that we must take into account is the design of the device, since we are not talking about any electronic device. It is an element closely related to traditional watches and has a very particular aesthetic.

If you find it difficult to get rid of the idea of ​​the clock of a lifetime, it is advisable to look for a model that disguises the more technological aspect of some designs. In any case, it will be necessary to look for one whose design fits more to our personality and our preferences, whether we look for a model similar to the traditional clock or not.

It will also have to pay attention to the size of the watch. Apart from the aesthetic question, which has to do with personal tastes, it should be kept in mind that a larger size of the smartwatch usually corresponds with a larger screen. However, the market offers more and more models that maximize the size of the box and look for specific designs to combine a large screen without the need for the watch is also large. In this same sense, if the watch we like the most is thicker than the rest, it will be interesting that the material of the box is resistant, as it is more exposed to shocks than other models of smaller thickness.

On the other hand, it is recommended that the weight also fit our preferences. A very heavy watch can be very annoying for some people. Lighter clocks are usually more comfortable, although they may also have fewer functions. If we want a very complete and light watch at the same time, we will have to opt for a bigger investment. If it really is what we want, in the long run we will end up rewarding, since we will enjoy more of our purchase.

Finally, as for the functions of the clock, it is becoming easier to find the best smartwatches that cover a lot of possibilities. In this case we will have to evaluate the actual use we can make of each of the functions. A clear example is people who play sports, for whom can compensate for greater investment if they are to take advantage of all the benefits offered by a smartwatch.