The 5 Best Tips To Take Pictures With The iPhone 5

Make excellent photos with the Apple iPhone 5: the camera of the Apple smartphones by 2012 enables good pictures – though the resolution of the photo apparatus built into the iPhone 5 MP is only 8. The camera app of the unit offers you a number of setting possibilities with which your snapshots can be even better. We have compiled some useful tips for you so that you can get more out of the camera of the iPhone 5.

Get Close To The Object

The distance to the subject is a basic tip for good photos: always as close as possible to the object approaches and dispenses with the zoom function. Will search out the best angle you, before pressing the shutter button of the iPhone 5. Also if you want to photograph a landscape such as a meadow, for example, it is always a good idea to have an object in the foreground, such as a flower or a person.

The 5 Best Tips To Take Pictures With The iPhone 5

Sharpness And Brightness

Basically, the subject of your image should be well lit to get in the photo to the application. The Smartphone is the exposure and sharpness to the image Center if for example a face is detected; but this is not the best solution for a good picture often. Both can affect you by tapping on the display in the preview – here it is advisable to try out several options before you take the picture. If it improves, for example, a dark area, you need to make sure that bright areas are not overexposed.

Use Grid

As soon as you activate the grid in the camera app on the iPhone 5, four lines on the display, which divide the screen into 9 squares appear. Using these lines, you can among other things perfectly align the motif on the golden ratio. This means for example that a landscape photograph the horizon occupies only the upper third of the image. The main reason, however, placed her right on one of the horizontal lines. This image Division is perceived when viewing as a particularly aesthetic.

Use HDR Properly

The HDR mode can be a great help – or a picture completely destroy. HDR mode the camera of the iPhone 5 takes several frames, which are combined to form an image. Thus, differences in brightness can be played full of contrasts. If you want to use the HDR mode, you should have a tripod handy ideally to make sure that the unit is not moved during the recording. Also, the HDR mode for shooting in outdoor suitable.


  • With the iPhone 5 near the photo subject taking the approach and carefully chooses the angle
  • Ensures adequate lighting
  • Adjust sharpness and brightness by tapping on the display
  • Displays the gridlines you, to get a good image Division
  • The HDR mode mainly used outdoors and keep that iPhone 5 as quiet