The 4G from Movistar Is Already Compatible with All The Current Rates

As happened in distant firing of the 3 G in Spain, the operators have wanted put in value its new 4G network access surrounding them in their presentation of so-called additional costs coming never to occur or limitations of access with certain fees that of dissipate over time.

It is the case of Movistar It will finally give access your network 4G all the current rates eliminating the last existing restriction affecting the rate zero 500 MB so now also you benefit from the advantages of the 4 G to anyone who asks for it.

Let us hope that the rest of operators ends up doing the same thing and Vodafone do not limit the 4G in the Giga Base rate from February or Orange make it accessible both 35 Kangaroo as the squirrel rate. Yoigo It is the only one that said that he would offer it free all their contract rates from the first day.

We take the opportunity to update all the details of the Movistar rates and their conditions: