The 17 Best Accessories to Get the Most Out of iPhone

The iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones and iconic in recent years. He is alone able to compete with all the Android market, and each of their evolution is followed by the sale of million units.

But what would the iPhone without its accessories? Cases, headphones, connection cables, memory sticks, tables DJ, bracelets, special sensors … Let’s meet 17 accessories that bring a unique added value to Apple ‘s iPhone.

What accessories provide an iPhone?

Possibly, when you’re thinking of buying an iPhone, initially at least, just interested in having it in your hands, without worrying much about the conditions under which you will use it or maintain it .

Perhaps, when you have it , it is when you care to find a quality case and according to your tastes or a screen saver effective and durable. At home you may end up throwing at fault enjoy your music using speakers to match.


You need to go out and sports and would like to use your iPhone as a measure of activity thanks to a bracelet, you want to copy files from your computer to youriPhone and does not convince you use iTunes, you go out for many hours and you can not afford of running out of battery, or ride a party and the question of how to prepare a musical mix your songs to rise to the occasion arises you.

In all these cases it is when you really value what you can bring you every accessory designed exclusively to accompany your iPhone, so it is interesting to know what the 17 accessories that can get you to interest:


Many users end up thinking that perhaps the obligation to use iTunes file sharing or storing data from a computer is not the most practical option. Others would like to copy and offload your iPhone using a simple USB flash drive.

iStick , which includes dual USB and Lightning connector, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and any computer can do that and more. You just have to install the official app on your iPhone to store music, movies and photos on it, and play the files without using iTunes or connect to the network.


You can also free up space on your iPhone simply by copying the documents to iStick, and you can protect your data personally without any option to be pirated in the cloud.

Remember that in El Corte Ingles find all models of iStick sale at a price without competition from April 14 to May 14. IStick have the 16GB to 59.90 euros, the iStick 32GB to 79.90 euros and iStick 64GB to 117.90 euros.


Microfiber double cover i-Paint Magnet Paris for iPhone 6


The double cases are special cases of soft microfiber coated high quality and integrated by two complementary magnetic enclosures that allow you to use a front window to check the screen without opening the lid. This case in particular has a design inspired by the city of Paris design.


Speaker Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air


The speaker Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air offers the highest quality for you toenjoy music from your iPhone to your home. It has 2 1 – inch tweeters, 2 half Speaker 3.5 – inch and 5 – inch woofer diameter. It also has minijack input and optical connection.


Headband headphones JVC HA-S400


The headphones headset JVC HA-S400 are finished in white or black color, and are ideal to combine with your iPhone. Connector is L – shaped and is gold plated, support a range of frequencies from 10 Hz to 24kHz, and have an impedance of 36 Ohm, according to themotorcyclers.


Cable Apple Lightning to USB connector


If you suffer an unexpected loss or if you need an extra cable in El Corte Ingles you can find the Apple connector cable Lightning original USB , with which you can connect your iPhone to the USB port of a computer and transmit data or load, or a power adapter to charge wall.


Crystal Case for iPhone 5 Muvit


Protect your iPhone with a case is important, but this case does not have to hide your design or color. With the cover glass Muvit iPhone 5 will have access to protection while not hide your smartphone.


Screen saver Fonexion tempered glass for iPhone 5

The screen saver Fonexion tempered glass for iPhone 5 prevents the screen of your smartphone suffers abrasions, scratches, fingerprints or dirt, also absorbs shocks, anti-glare offers capacity and is very easy to install.


Sports earbud Denon AH-W150 with Bluetooth


These sports earbud Denon AH-W150 with Bluetooth will allow you to comfortably listen to music while practicing sport or even answer calls thanks to its built -inmicrophone, all without worrying about cables or other discomfort. The ear that includes resists sweat, and even incorporates a rear reflective band if used at night.


DMTECH tower speaker DM-BTI50


To listen to your personal music in any room of the house in an elegant and eye -catching way, nothing beats the speaker tower DMTECH DM-BTI50 for your iPhone, with 7 W of power and a subwoofer of 15 W plus sound input via Bluetooth, USB or auxiliary.


Griffin Adidas Sport Armband for iPhone 6


This sports armband Griffin Adidas iPhone 6 is very light and fits perfectly to thecontour of your arm when making sport with him. His protector prevents your iPhone into contact with sweat. It also includes a small pocket to keep your house keys.


Runtastic heart tape with Bluetooth


The heart tape with Runtastic Bluetooth for your iPhone is ideal for all athletes need to know your heart rate during a workout supplement. Bluetooth works but also includes other signal frequencies that allow you to work with other devices such as treadmills.


External Battery Mophie 2322


The small external battery Mophie 2322 allows you to go out with the peace of mind that your iPhone will end the day on guarantees even if your use of it is very intensive. It weighs 55.8 grams only and has a capacity of 1350 mAh.


Sound system Philips M1X-DJ DS8900 / 10


Mount the party with the best sound system Philips M1X-DJ DS8900 / 10 , a device that includes powerful speakers, Bluetooth connection, and most importantly, a whole mixer to perform application sessions using djay 2.


Belkin Car Charger Boost Up


With car charger Belkin Boost Up , you can charge your iPhone in your car at lightning speed thanks to 2.4A load offers, getting to carry out its target up to 40% faster than traditional chargers. Your iPhone is fully charged in any drive.


Mixit Belkin Cable 3.5mm mini jack


This Cable Belkin Mixit 3.5mm mini jack is ideal for use with your iPhone in your car or home stereo, or any device that has a 3.5mm minijack input. Its spiral design avoids tangles and easy storage. In addition, its finish is of high quality.


Tigra multisport Kit for iPhone 6


The Kit multisport Tigra iPhone 6 includes a cover, a bracelet and a bike stand for use with your iPhone 6. The cover is translucent polycarbonate, waterproof, neoprene cuff is, and has bike stand 20 mm diameter.


Wireless Sensor Parrot Flower Power


The Parrot Flower Power wireless sensor lets you take care of your favorite plants using your iPhone with all kinds of information about light, temperature, soil moisture and fertilizer level you have.