Terror in TeleAdhesivo Vinyl

In TeleAdhesivo we have decorative vinyl for all tastes and of all colors (and sizes!). Today I want to talk about a topic that is always fashionable, although depending on the television and the cinema, the details vary. He is the fear of terror… that all draws us somewhat but each of forms and different tolerances. And it is that a good movie of fear on TV with popcorn and blanket is a winter whacked.

We have in our decorative vinyl shop of Neovideogames.com with a few references to horror movies, mostly focused in former times, where they were born characters full of personality, mystery and certainly also a good dose of humor. And if not, remember, Chucky or Freddy Krueger, who had a very peculiar way to fear.

In the genre of suspense also find shark (Jaws), film that marked a before and an after to bathe safely in the sea. And it is that one does not gets equal to water thinking that there may be a 5 meter shark lurking there below. Even if warn before hovering fin!

Format decorative vinyl, the vinyl of fear or terror vinyl tend to decorate rooms of moviegoers or siriofilos love to this genre and want to give a personal toquecillo to their lives with their cult films. They are also ideal for cinemas or cultural centers, in combination of other not so frightening references.

We have other equally disturbing films that in fact, to be more credible, dan even scarier to the Viewer. It is the case of The shining, movie in which a famous writer retreated to a hotel with his family to concentrate on writing a new novel while they cared for empty facilities in a harsh winter. And of course, , I say, “ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES JACK A DULL”.

Or, the case of the Terminator, where the T-1000 (and then others) comes from the future to finish with the mother, and later with John Connor, leader of a future human resistance against the rise of the machines. A science fictionmovie, but it also really bothers and frightens when thinking about a future that every day, it seems a little less far.

Hey, if you’re looking for a horror film vinyl, in TeleAdhesivo you can find interesting references. And what is better, if you cannot find them, you can get in touch with us for rating a custom design that fits what veníais looking for. Don’t hesitate, Teleadhesivo is your Shop of vinyls of horror movies… or the gender that suits you!