Terraria Is Android

Many concepts of independent games seem to much, so much that many support have been inspired directly in others. It is the case of Terraria, a game copy almost to imply the concept of world open, editable and construction, among many other things, only that instead of using a simple 3D, Terraria bet to do the same thing in a world in two dimensions.

After successful passing in computer as Steam digital platforms, developers have decided to expand the range of consoles it supports. If it was already confirmed the shift to notebooks, they have now decided to go for mobile operating systems, or what is the same, futile to port to Android and iOS Terraria.

At the moment does not have specific dates about the arrival of this game to Android, something very common when it was announced a port of an independent game. It wouldn’t surprise to see this game now exclusively at Amazon, a normal tactic with Cirta popularity games.

However it has been able to confirm one of the innovations of the version for Android, and is that you can connect to Facebook. Unlike many applications, it is not to add friends or not send notifications, but only to share screenshots in a most simple and quick way.