Tentsile Innovating the Way to Camp

The English architect and inventor Alex Shirley-Smith I wish everybody could have the experience of hanging on trees. Along with the designer Kirk Kirchev, they invented a way people make themselves even more together of nature, the Tentsile, a camping tent that can be suspended between trees.

According to Alex, this solves the problem of tent tents, camping in Rocky, muddysurfaces or unpleasant for any reason, simply by hanging them in the trees.

In addition to avoid abrupt, the tent in the tree also avoids Earth creatures such asinsects, snakes and other animals that may be dangerous.

The tent costs 600 dollars, equivalent to about 1,500 R$, and is sold over the internet for the entire world. According to the inventors, for every tent sold three treesare planted. The equipment is for two people, and can handle up to 400 kg. The orientation of the inventors is so that the tents are not mounted to more than 1.2 meter of ground to avoid accidents.

The Tentsile was designed in 2010, but the first production model was launched at the beginning of 2013.

An interesting detail about these tents is that they may be mounted on the floor, if people prefer or if there are no trees around.

Go to: www.tentsile.com

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Materials and Comfort

Ease of use


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Andrea Marra

8 June 2016 in 9:13


Quuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeeeerooooooooooooo! Wonderful. I’m super scared to camp, stay on the ground. That way, I would love to go camping.




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