Ten Facts About Me And Styling challenge With Denim Shirt

As I sit here, on a train to FFM of the German railroad and once again I think about my forgetfulness, I find it is time for a few facts about me.

I would be particularly glad if you use the commentary today to write to me that I am with myFacts are not alone…. O:-). Outfitfully, I remain as threatened, er terminated, with the stylingchallenge with denim shirt.

So let’s go, and since the forgetting of my headphones is the reason for this post, my forgetfulness leads this lively list of my oddities:

Fact About Me Numero I

… and as my mother used to say, I would leave my head lying somewhere if it had not grown. She was right. One example-I leave the living room with the laundry basket, which I have clamped on my hips, to get the laundry out of the machine. By closing the door, the books for the library stuck in my eye, which I really wanted to bring back. However, there is still one that is hidden somewhere in the shallows of children’s rooms. So instead of going to the cellar, I go upstairs to the son’s room (why do not you say a daughter)?) With the glances I scan the contents of the completely completed (of course not with books) bookshelves-of course takes some time. And when I’m lucky, I ask myself after 5 minutes, why I still still have the laundry basket on the hip clamp.

Endless List

This list could be carried out very arbitrarily… and I have already written about it more often. Car key, home key, key in general, house identification for the office, purse, scarves, caps, purchases, bills (with preference I forget bills), doctor’s office, medication, etc. The rest you can think about. No matter what it is, I’ve certainly forgotten it. But I would like to mention that I have never forgotten any of my children. Somehow I find it important to say that.

Fact About Me Numero II

I like movies that are based on a true story. No matter what topic. If there is a real basis, I like the film mostly. Even for the sake of dramaturgical reasons, a minor treatment was still being made. Of course, I could now enumerate a few films here. But you can think of it, I forgot the titles. Besides I am available for every kind of love-loving monkey. Gladly also with Happy End.

Fact About Me Numero III

That suits to Numero II, because I am a serial junkie and well-made series, take mostly reference to the real life. It is also not important to me in which time the plot plays. Totally like I like Good Wife, Gilmore Girls, The Affair, The Two, SATC and Breaking Bad. Also here are missing a few…. In addition, I can be badly mastered-when I once started, I could look a complete season at a time. I do not know how I have the SATC times, always wait a week?

Fact About Me Numero IV

The best I always eat to the end… I guess this is self-explanatory.However, also little comprehensible, because the best is then usually cold, if it is according to my order…

Fact about me numero V

I talk a lot and gladly-but can, I hope and I also quite well listen.

Fact About Me Numero VI

I’m curious. Especially on people. I find it all interesting and would like to know the life story of everyone. In addition, I always and everywhere the people at… So do not be surprised if you meet me somewhere and I talk you full. I have not drunk anything and am not under medication influence.

Fact About Me Numero VII

I am terribly inconsistent and hope my children do not read here. I have the fear that the dwarfs know this longer than me. Besides, I am undisciplined at eating. So it’s really hard for me to eat healthy.But I’m much too fond of fries and burgers… And I think it is very good that a burgers today has nothing to do with the golden M or the King. What a happiness-but they do not really get healthy.

Fact About Me Numero VIII

I like direct people. However, this does not mean that you only have negative things around your ears, as is common with us often. I wish we would say much more often when we find something great. Then negative criticism can also be put away much better. In our culture, it seems to be a sign of great intelligence, if one can really get the opinion of someone. Praise, however, is rather stupid… or superficial.

Fact about me numero IX

In dying age I find ne lie. Because dementia has nothing more dignified. We live next to an old people’s home, and that reminds me that every day counts. It would be much nicer if old were not to be so neglected in our society. After all, it is one of the few justifications of life… WE WILL BE ALL OLD !!! And as for wrinkles… I am of the opinion that not every life story must be furrowed. But to spray every line of life out of the face, I find no alternative. As is so often the case, the mixture is all the same, but everyone, according to his fashions-as long as one has the free will to decide.

About Me Numero X

I have a tendency to hypochondria. At least as far as viral infections are concerned. If someone in my presence tells me about a gastrointestinal history, I’d like to stop breathing and immediately wash hands. In addition, I am very uncomfortable to touch the door opener buttons in the S-Bahn and even with ATMs, I run rather cold down the back-of course not because of the Kontostand, but because of the possible viruses on the keys. For all cases, I always have a disinfectant gel in my pocket-you never know…. O:-)

Stylingchallenge With Denim Shirt

Schwupps… 10 Facts later, I’m already in Frankfurt and I have noticed in the meantime that I forgot the charger next to the headphones…. Ojeeee and me-as a blogger. That’s why a quick word about the denim shirt before it gets dark. The outfit is similar to Friday, but instead of figurbetont, I have chosen here the further variant. This has the advantage that under the shirt also a sweater fits. Perhaps another tip: If you wear the denim shirt over the shirt, make sure that the sweater and its sleeve are a bit further. When changing over, she should look loose under the denim shirt. This takes the pattern once again and gives the look something casual. I think this is a small idea with a great effect. Of course works well with monochrome shirts very well.

So, now I’m out… the notebook is flashing like mad… and as asked above, I’m glad about your comments. Please say that you also have some oddities and I am not alone… Have nen fine and especially relaxed 3rd Advent, your Conny

Jeans: Mavi-People-I’ve already written about it: The Skinny era is over and this becomes clearer every day. Mavi is not really hip – but the pants sit well and are not so  expensive and found at Zalando(Affiliatelink). I also like the jeans from Pepe sensationally well-via intershippingrates.com(Affilatelink).
Pulli: neyo. -at neyo. There are just great Christmas specials and the 10% with connydoll10-easy to enter during the ordering process.
Denim shirt: Object-I’m almost shocked by the cool jeans shirt from G-Star Raw-via G-Star-Shop (Affiliatelink). At the shop I like very much that you can see where the piece was produced. Even if there is China, it creates transparency in the textile fashion madness.
Shoes: Gadea
bag, coat: Zara
necklace: Stella & Dot via Sabine Nacke
bracelet: one thing I never know, the other is from RicVanMur and there is also just 10% with conny10