Take advantage of your Android tablet with optimized applications

Android tablets are everywhere: all models seeking to adapt, such as mobile phones, to the tastes and preferences of each one of us: large, small, versatile as the Nexus 7 or productive as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. There are many safe and that there is one for each of us.

Although the tablets themselves are important, there is no need to remember that they are based on a series of applications that give added value. Android is an ecosystem that is increasingly on the rise: apps designed specifically for this type of devices and they can do much more than offering its version for smartphones. If you don’t know them, then we recommend a few so you bring forth him most.

Google Currents

The tablet has become a perfect tool to read, by way of a kind of digital magazine. There are many applications, but one of the most interesting and best optimized for these devices is Google Currents: a service that shows our favorite pages in a different way.

The application is free and we can synchronize with our GMail account. When it comes to show the content navigation is more intuitive than if we see the page itself. A form of reading different trying to bring to life magazine. If we like to read on the tablet, Google Currents is one of the indispensable.

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Quickoffice Pro HD

They tend to think that tablets are a tool of entertainment, without removing them reason, also many other things can be made with them, as for example use an office suite to take notes, take calculus, etc. With QuickOffice, you can do all and with an interface adapted to these devices.

When it comes to using it is very simple and takes advantage of good size and screen resolution. Also on Android we can synchronize your device with a bluetooth keyboard so take notes more comfortably than with the virtual keyboard. When it comes to managing documents always we use Dropbox, Google Drive or Google Docs.

Friendcaster Tab for Facebook

Facebook still does not have its official application optimized for tablets, but some developers have designed for these apps. Friendcaster Tab is the best thing for Android: the interface is very well designed and allows us to consult all updates of our contacts in an intuitive way.

By features, is more powerful than the official: it has more security, it allows us to share content with few movements, is also free so if we are regulars at the social network’s Zuckerberg this app can not miss in our androids.

Adobe Photoshop Touch

We continue with our applications get more out of our tablet. Adobe is well known for its desktop applications but also has solutions for mobile devices. Name: Adobe Photoshop Touch.

To understand us, we are before a version of the famous application of retouching: it has fewer options but can edit photographs with different tools and apply filters. Ideal for retouching photos we make with the camera, we can even use of the compact if we have a tablet with SD card reader.

MX Player

Although all video players are compatible with the tablets, some developers have created exclusive versions for seven or ten inch devices. Better leverage the type of processors is therefore to improve the user experience.

Within this range, there are solutions like MX Player: a powerful app that allows various video formats and subtitles in addition. Its performance is excellent, although if we are looking for an alternative we also Mobo Player.