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Tips, How To Use Models And Cardigans

With the arrival of winter, the fur coats leave all the more sophisticated and stylish women, normally the winter brings with it a fairly refined fashion, it seems that women this season NAB ’em a little more on visual, don’t you think? With the fall of temperature, the coats become key parts in the female wardrobe.

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Mothers Need Good Ears-Winter Poselook: Long Sweater And Long Blouse

“Bye”-it sounds sweet from the entrance of the dwelling. It is already dark outside-I stand in the kitchen and my eyes fall on the clock.Kreiz, Birnbaum and Hollerstauden (that is a Bavarian curse) is still.It’s time for dinner and where does the child want to go again?Especially-hello-I would like to be asked before. Continue reading Mothers Need Good Ears-Winter Poselook: Long Sweater And Long Blouse

Cozy Knit Sweaters with Maxi Length

Chilly wind has already knocked the door, and there’s nothing better to enjoy the winter under a warm cover, doesn’t it? Yes, but let’s say our hectic routine not greatly facilitates, keeping us from getting all day delivered to laziness. All is not lost, since we can find garments that bring this cozy climate for our daily life, such as the knit maxi sweater, which is super hot.
Who wants to follow this trend needs to know that the style of sweater can vary great, depending on the size of the spots, modeling and color, but in general the maxi knitting is very democratic, so it looks good both in short skinny and chubby type.

Believe me, the only successful production depends on the combination with other parts of the look. In other words, simply choose the template that most suits your style and even the pieces that you already have in your wardrobe.

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Winter Jackets and Boots

Winter is coming – and it starts soon to go strong. This means, unfortunately, that this summer’s heat for a long time ago is gone, and that coldness is on the way. For most it will be a little harder to get up in the morning, and for the most part people want to be under the covers. You feel maybe a touch of winter depression, where it all felt a little too cumbersome — and the whole thing is a little sour. But fear not, for there is a super-cure for winter’s coming, and it is, of course, to spend some money on new winter clothes.

Here you will be safe, warm and stylish through the winter – so in this blog post, it should be about the things that can sweeten the cold and dark winter a little. Winter jackets and winter boots are introduced. So find a warm blanket above nap, a cup of tea and enjoy a little cozy reading while the evening falls on.

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