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LED Lighting – Lamps & Fixtures

In the first part of this series, I talked about on the plafon one of the many decorative lamps s, showed the lamp AR70 (halogenated), the DULUX (Osram pin fluorescent), the Halopin(compact halogenated Osram) and Palito (halogenated also).

In the second part I talked about the standing lamps and table and Led lamps, incandescent soft and mini-electronic. Continue reading LED Lighting – Lamps & Fixtures

9 Tips to Explore Black and White Decoration

If on the one hand the rusticity of black-and-white movies gave way to increasingly shocking special effects, the Duet of contrasting colors don’t never went out of style. On the contrary: black and white built a fashionable elegant and sober and in the area of psychology, represent opposites that coexist well harmoniously, sometimes chaotically within each. Continue reading 9 Tips to Explore Black and White Decoration

I See Flowers on You

Spring has come (despite the verãozístico extreme heat) and with it our passion for the flowers. In addition to bringing color to the streets, in stores and at our homes, the flowers are elements that filter to energy renewing the positive atmosphere environments.

Split up some suggestions for you, like us, loves flowers in the decoration of the House. Open the chest and the Windows. It’s spring time! Continue reading I See Flowers on You