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Plaid Skirt Week

Finally, we reached the fifth and final day of our week theme of the plaid skirt. Of 2 1: or you loved or already have a hard look at this checkered red.

I loved even. Every time I roll themed weeks I amazed at the amount of stuff we can do with what we already have in the closet. And this week was no different. I started thinking: God of the sky, how am I supposed to create five looks with this skirt so striking? Well. Here we are, four looks after and I here full of idea to the next (but can rest easy because I’m going to take a break from Vichy to you for a little while). Continue reading Plaid Skirt Week

Vintage Corolla Skirt

Among the fashion trends of spring 2016 doesn’t go unnoticed the skirt corolla. A comeback that smells of flowers, iconic prints, and retro profiles coming from the past. The proposals most classic Dolce & Gabbana Gucci geometric prints, here are the season’s most glamorous skirts corolla.

Back in fashion this spring in revised, revisited and reinterpreted. Elegant, fancy, and versatile, the skirt retro for ladies (see http://www.vintagenowtrending.com/ladies-retro-skirt/) will be one of the most popular leaders of the next spring summer. How come? Simple, because you can wear it at all times of the day and adapts to any type of silhouette. Continue reading Vintage Corolla Skirt