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Ray Ban Original Sunglasses

Brand well known for making great sunglasses, Ray Ban that has been in business since 1937, offering the best products on the market in the segment of sunglasses, thousands of consumers around the world are looking for a great quality and durability in products intend to purchase, and that quality and durability can be found in Ray Ban products, check out our full story for more information about the prices of these products and where to buy. Continue reading Ray Ban Original Sunglasses

Male Sunglasses–Summer 2011

We developed that matter to talk a bit more about the trends for male sunglasses for the summer of 2011, it is worth remembering that trends can change constantly through new releases that bring news for consumers wishing to purchase a great product and always well dressed and with accessories that are fashionable, check out our full story for more information. Continue reading Male Sunglasses–Summer 2011

Sunglasses Of Yesterday And Today

Famous men such as Elton John, Xavier Naidoo and Karl Lagerfeld have made an accessory to her trademark: the sunglasses. “Kaiser Karl” prefers the understated black version, you saw Xavier Naidoo for years with a narrow, rectangular model with yellow glasses and for Elton John, it might be known to be not fancy enough for decades. He wore it from XS to XL, round or square, in all colors of the Rainbow and repeatedly with a heavy dose of rhinestone accidentally.

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How to Find Perfect Sunglasses

Gadgets: Sun, wind, splash, dust, insects or gravel – it is much that can interfere with your eyes on the bike. Think smart when you buy your bike glasses. We tested nine hot glasses.

The Sport Optics on Kungsgatan hanging hundreds of pairs of sports custom glasses on the walls. Here we took our test glasses to see an optometrist who specializes in just sporty use.

– The most important thing is that the glasses fit well without bobbing or slipping down the nose. The easiest way is to choose a pair that are lightweight and adjustable nosepiece. If it is possible to adjust the arms is a plus, says Lars Wülfing Sport Optics (see http://pauldigo.com/sunglasses/quick-guide-for-choosing-sunglasses/).

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