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Black And White – The New Summer Break!

This summer, you should put your colorful glasses, because the new trend is Black and White! I was still told that the world is not black and white, but wonderfully colorful, but fashionable we have to re-plan now. Who now thinks how dull, I must teach the better, because black and white Kombis can more than one at first glance. Whether single-colored, striped, dotted, with pointed details, jewelery adornments, waterfall cut, narrow or oversized – here goes a lot.

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3 Coats That Will Save You This Summer

That crazy title, isn’t that right, folks? But the truth is that you can’t give up the coats completely after that comes the hottest season. Is that beyond the air-conditioning of the establishments and offices are placed in minimum temperature, causing the typical about-more-hot-cold anymore, yet we suffer with winds and breezes at night to look at 33 degrees after a whole day on the beach. That is, feel a chill in the summer is normal and it is better to be prepared. Continue reading 3 Coats That Will Save You This Summer

White – The Trend Color For Summer!

The summer is not only hot, but above all white! If I do not like a color in the summer, then it is white. I as a purist appreciate this non-color, because it fits to everything and everyone. In addition, she exudes pure holiday feeling and seduces me to look for the next beach holiday. What better way to stroll along the beach in an airy summer dress, smell the scent of the sea and feel the sand under your feet?

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