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Advantages and Disadvantages of Sleeping Bags

The isolation in a sleeping bag is made of small, soft feathers found near the skin of ducks or geese. Air and body heat is trapped between the feathers, creating a sweet loft that is at the same time comfortable and cosy. Backpackers and campers of the car so you can enjoy the benefits of a sleeping bag, making it a potentially useful investment for your outdoor adventures. Continue reading Advantages and Disadvantages of Sleeping Bags

How to Clean a Coleman Sleeping Bag

In many outdoor and sporting circles, Coleman is a name synonymous with camping equipment and supplies. The company began to manufacture products at the beginning of 1900, and now manufactures tents, lanterns, beds, sleeping bags and other supplies. The regular use of the sleeping bag means that you will need to wash it to remove dirt, sweat and other contaminants and protect the bag of stains and odors. Continue reading How to Clean a Coleman Sleeping Bag

How to Choose a Sleeping Bag?

More than just a bed, the sleeping bag will protect you during a night out in nature. Feeling cold in the middle of the night or even dying of heat to the point of not letting you sleep does not mean that you did not buy a good sleeping bag but rather that you bought the wrong bag… For being a key item, Choice is imperative. Continue reading How to Choose a Sleeping Bag?

Maintenance of Sleeping Bag


When we buy a sleeping bag, we must understand that begins an inexorable cunta back of expiration of their qualities, through their use, washing, storage, and that only a proper maintenance of the same will not have to dispose of it before time.
If you already have experience, you know basically there are two types of fiber and feather or down, each with its characteristics, advantages, disadvantages and prices; However, the maintenance is inherent in both.
A few simple tips of use to prolong the useful life of the SAC. Continue reading Maintenance of Sleeping Bag

Blankets and Sleeping Bags

Full of sleeping comfort with the ceilings sleeping bag

Is a blanket? Is it a sleeping bag? Both! A ceiling sleeping bag is an airy lightweight sleeping bags, which is closed by a zipper. Completely open the ceilings sleeping bag can be used easily as a blanket. Ceiling sleeping bag are super spacious and offer powerful sleeping comfort. Almost like in the home bed. Whether camping, trekking, traveling, at the Festival or the CouchSurfing, the night will remain always nice cozy!

Comfortable, warm, and versatile

A ceiling sleeping bag is a simple light weight that is very versatile. He has plenty of space, has a small pack size, is super comfortable and designed to warm and moderate temperatures. Some models are with each other can be coupled through the zipper. We have a spacious double sleeping bag or a couple sleeping bag “handy”trainings camp. Through its thin consistency, the ceilings sleeping bag can be used super “indoor”. Ideal for the night at friends, the Pimasleepingbags or as a hut sleeping bag.

Continue reading Blankets and Sleeping Bags