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10 Looks with Pencil Skirt to Enhance the Silhouette

The more formal models as the most modern and relaxed like pencil skirt women all over the world. Whatever the situation, you can create beautiful looks with pencil skirt. The possibilities are really varied and this is one of the great advantages of this piece so versatile. Keep us in the matter of today that will show you 10 looks with amazing pencil skirt and still 11 tips on how to rock with this piece of clothing. Continue reading 10 Looks with Pencil Skirt to Enhance the Silhouette

Dressed to Rock-Top 10 Clothes Go Mad Men

No doubt some parts of the female wardrobe exert the power of seduction over men, and they love it. Learn what are the most.

Certain clothes or have to be too short or low-cut for attention and seduce, which is the case of the pencil skirt, which is commonly used with shirts in looks with an air of Executive behaved. Others are already hot more like mini-skirts, unanimous on seduction in the point of view of the men. You will see that, to be dressed to rock – top 10 clothes go mad men, it’s not hard, just wondering what they are. Continue reading Dressed to Rock-Top 10 Clothes Go Mad Men

Plaid Skirt Week

Finally, we reached the fifth and final day of our week theme of the plaid skirt. Of 2 1: or you loved or already have a hard look at this checkered red.

I loved even. Every time I roll themed weeks I amazed at the amount of stuff we can do with what we already have in the closet. And this week was no different. I started thinking: God of the sky, how am I supposed to create five looks with this skirt so striking? Well. Here we are, four looks after and I here full of idea to the next (but can rest easy because I’m going to take a break from Vichy to you for a little while). Continue reading Plaid Skirt Week

Velvet Shirts

When the temperature cools, it is good to be in a warm, comfortable and at the same time off-the-cuff clothing. So is the velvet. The fabric is making a presence in the most fashionable girls looks, because it is easy to combine, protects from the cold and still leaves chic production effortless. You can use it on a day-to-day basis or you can even get to the ballad. See the tips on how to use the piece and get inspired! Continue reading Velvet Shirts