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How to Wear Slip-on Shoes Stylishly like the Famous

Practical, versatile, comfortable and elegant, sneakers never go out of style and are the favorite of all women, as they can be used in different situations.

Depending on the detail, the sneakers are suitable for all types of occasions. For example, a glossy, pre-metallic or metalized shoe is synonymous with sophistication, so it can be worn at a party. The colorful and flashy sneakers are more suitable for day-to-day, casual looks. Lacquered or animal textured sneakers combine with stylish and sexy looks. It all depends on what you need and want to pass on to the observer. Continue reading How to Wear Slip-on Shoes Stylishly like the Famous

Graduation Dresses 2018 Shorts

Pictures of Short Graduation Dresses

It was the time when only long dresses were worn when the subject was graduation, today there is no longer that, today women can use and abuse long, medium and short dresses because everyone is fashionable and everyone is elegant, so be sure to check out the models of Short Graduation Dresses we brought, each model more beautiful than the other. Continue reading Graduation Dresses 2018 Shorts

4 Reasons to Use Less High Heels

Although It Is, In Fact, A Beauty Accessory, Its Continuous Use Can Bring Serious Damages To Health, Besides Offering Risk In Different Situations

High heels are one of the main features used by women to look more beautiful. Many will not give up their heels at any time of day-whether at work, college, meeting friends or even at home. While it is, in fact, a beauty accessory, its continued use can bring serious damage. If you are a frequent user of high heels, consider the factors below and review your preferences. Continue reading 4 Reasons to Use Less High Heels

Velvet Shirts

When the temperature cools, it is good to be in a warm, comfortable and at the same time off-the-cuff clothing. So is the velvet. The fabric is making a presence in the most fashionable girls looks, because it is easy to combine, protects from the cold and still leaves chic production effortless. You can use it on a day-to-day basis or you can even get to the ballad. See the tips on how to use the piece and get inspired! Continue reading Velvet Shirts

Light Shoes on Trekking Tours

On trekking tours, walking mostly in stout footwear to provide optimum support to the foot in difficult terrain. Trekking shoes are heavy and only partially breathable, feet can be there (especially in warmer climates) ever-sweaty and bloated in the evening after tens of kilometers. So take off your shoes , and with the bare feet in the cold River or Lake! Continue reading Light Shoes on Trekking Tours