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What Drives Me Crazy on Motherhood!

Yesterday when I got home with the Bruna had a box for me in the room. Bruna was running, opened, and before I even read, tore up the card that came with it. It used to be common around here, the girls move at all. Of course I am educating to make sure that doesn’t happen, but say for 2 children, 2 and 3 years, not to touch anything, ask them to do the opposite huh? Continue reading What Drives Me Crazy on Motherhood!

Week 21: You Are 21 Weeks Pregnant

Week 21: You are 21 weeks and a certain number of days pregnant! Some call it the 22nd week of pregnancy. (Find out more about the calculation of your week of pregnancy.)

How your baby in this SSW developed

Head should be your baby to toe now nearly 27 centimeters long. His eyebrows and eyelids are fully developed, and fingernails have formed on his tiny fingers. Make sure from now on more precisely on what you say, because now your baby can hear probably. You can talk to him, speak, sing or read aloud. Continue reading Week 21: You Are 21 Weeks Pregnant

40 Weeks of Pregnancy

At the beginning of anything is to see but later in pregnancy, the belly is getting fatter and fatter, a baby developed from the heap of cells and also at the expectant Mama a lot happens!

The around 40 or 42 weeks of pregnancy include (depending on the counting method) for the Mummy to the exciting their lives! Suddenly, what is there in her belly. Slowly, a new person emerged. But what exactly happens during this exciting time? What is changing, as is the course of pregnancy?

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Fear of Childbirth in Late Pregnancy

At last! The baby is here soon! However, in the anticipation, fear of childbirth mingles with the most Mamas.

All moms on the moment when the baby is there finally look forward after nine months of pregnancy . Specifically, the last few months with the ever thicker and belly are exhausting. But the joy of the baby, is troubled by the upcoming birth. The whole horror stories of day labor and unbearable pain make sure that many women have panicked fear of childbirth.

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