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Look with Jeans Perfect for a Walk with Friends

Are You Going To Walk, Travel, Have Fun? Look Beautiful Wearing Jeans Look.

Hello Readers,

The jeans is that more democratic fabric there. They are diverse pieces in jeans, and all of them are quite versatile, combining with different styles, physical types and occasions. And the best part is that they are always fashionable. Continue reading Look with Jeans Perfect for a Walk with Friends

How To Wear a Jeans Shirt

Who does not have jeans or jeans in the closet, right? Because like these pieces, the jeans shirt is a superversatile item, which fits well in any style. Open or closed, it is easy to combine and accompanies diverse occasions, always giving a special highlight to the visual.

In everyday life, it can be used for both work and it is also a good option for a stroll, or even for a night out. By breaking a bit of the formality of the piece, the jeans shirt is also an interesting choice when you do not need to go social, but if you want to be well dressed and modern. Continue reading How To Wear a Jeans Shirt

The Wardrobe Cornerstones – Cotton Trousers

Documentation of our wardrobe cornerstones goes on and today we look more closely at an option in byxväg. Some call them chinos but what we aim at is an elegant and stylish cotton pants that become spring’s counterpart to this fall’s flannel pants. Stylish, versatile and portable! We have looked at several manufacturers, that shapes and shades to give a little advice on what may be the smart choice for many years to come. Continue reading The Wardrobe Cornerstones – Cotton Trousers

The Look Right: Henley Shirt And Sneakers Custom

Since the usual used completely casual way appears to be the Belle of the ball found a good cite as an example a combination that uses a part that I believe to be much overlooked in Brazil: the henley shirt, we talked about it here, and I think the play deserves attention for your versatility and chance to get out of the common place of basic t-shirt even without having any exaggerated detail. Continue reading The Look Right: Henley Shirt And Sneakers Custom

Velvet Shirts

When the temperature cools, it is good to be in a warm, comfortable and at the same time off-the-cuff clothing. So is the velvet. The fabric is making a presence in the most fashionable girls looks, because it is easy to combine, protects from the cold and still leaves chic production effortless. You can use it on a day-to-day basis or you can even get to the ballad. See the tips on how to use the piece and get inspired! Continue reading Velvet Shirts

How to Wear Culotte Pants

Among the fashion trend for Spring Summer 2016, there culotte pants, but how you wear it?
Call it what you like, shorts, cropped jeans or short pants to the ankle, this practical model from the large and chic silhouette is very much in vogue, therefore it is important to have at least one in the wardrobe. But if your concern is about how you carry, look here are some ideas to copy, either as urban style, sporty-chic, casual, elegant, etc., to be worn on any occasion. Continue reading How to Wear Culotte Pants