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Nail Art Nail Art Ideas for Carnival

Approaching Carnival, and most creative girls cannot fail to take this party to show off the nails decorated and fashionable. The decoration for your nails will obviously be in theme with the disguise of your choice.

You can choose Princess murals, or witch, or music lover and cartoon characters, and so on.

So we’ll start with give you some ideas for nails decorated in a fun and at the same time studied in detail.

The incurable lovers of the world’s most famous cat, cannot fail to produce the sweet Hello Kitty Nail Art, adorable pink bow detail. Continue reading Nail Art Nail Art Ideas for Carnival

Jewels for Nails Bohem

Have you ever thought of wearing jewelry for nails? And ‘the new fashion for’summer 2013 the British brand Bohem, which produces jewelry manicure with an extraordinary three-dimensional effect.

We passionate to a 3D effect glazes with large sequins embossed, sand effect, feathers and glitter effect super opaque, but the trend nails evolve and this time they want their nails covered with real gold or silver jewelry, often embellished with decorations to lace effect, hearts or even touches of color for spectacular effects, such as those proposed by Bohem, brand specialized in creating “jewel nails.”

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8 Facts About Gel Nails

If you love being neat and presentable, you do not forget that your hands also need attention, so you should consider yourself a good  manicure, or if you prefer to apply yourself some nice acrylic nails, if you ‘re not quite sure this Czech option before data gel nails and find out what are the best choices decorated nail.

That are?

false nails, acrylic generally are placed, then two layers of gel on them apply and therefore receive that name.



First must be cut and filing her natural nails, then an adhesive is applied, and fake stick, once dry cut and liman to give them the way you like it, then put the first layer of gel and receive ultraviolet light for few minutes, he repeats this last step and finally paint or decorate.

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