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Most Common Makeup Mistakes

Hello ladies how you doing? Today we’ll talk a little bit about the most common mistakes of make-up and how to fix them

  • Exaggerate in Time to Put the Base

Layers and more layers, just leave you with a face, the ideal is to apply or with the fingertips or brush and spread well. If you prefer to use a fíber duo brush clean in a circular motion, to ensure that there was excess base in any area. Continue reading Most Common Makeup Mistakes

5 Makeup Tips That Can Make All the Difference

Today all women already know the power of a good makeup, which can be a great ally of female beauty , which in addition to standardize the skin, rejuvenate, can highlight a few points as well as hide or disguise other, for other hand the exaggeration can for everything to lose, stressing that whether or not leaving the visual heavier anyway, makeup, well used, can be of great help, leaving us more beautiful and even more confident. Continue reading 5 Makeup Tips That Can Make All the Difference

Color Makeup

In addition to the shadows, one tip is to bet on the eyeliners who won colorful versions

Women who love makeup are always in search of news and tips: products that come to the market, ideas of make for day or night, tricks that can help to disguise imperfections, etc.And, of course, they all want to go out in good makeup, without running the risk of making mistakes in the choice of colors or exaggerating in some detail of the look. Continue reading Color Makeup

14 Beauty Tricks That Make Our Lives

Paper and pen in hand and attention to tips …

Skip the salon and get ready at home has some advantages: the comfort of home, save yourself frustration and spending money. But who wouldn’t want to, for example, wake up a little later rather than spend all morning getting ready? Or not to be late for a ballad emergence of makeup? Continue reading 14 Beauty Tricks That Make Our Lives

Market for Male Beauty Products

The cosmetics industry is increasingly tuned them: the men. L’Oreal itself has a line of its own: the Men Expert.

L’Oreal brings as the new star of his campaign line the actor Hugh Laurie, who plays the character Dr. House, the most famous television series of the same name of the United States. At the age of 51 years, he becomes the ambassador of L’Oreal Men Expert. Continue reading Market for Male Beauty Products

Six Fresh Kicks for the Face: For Men’s Skin Care in Summer

From left: “Tonic splash” by Neville, “Bee venom Moisturiser” Rodial and “Cucumber Gel Masque” Peter Thomas Roth.

Summer care for men’s skin looks mattierend and moisturizing, offers UV protection and refreshes within a few seconds. There is no? It’s take a closer look. But because small print pot back during the hours of sunshine has no time to study, we will show six literally “cool” products that not everyone in the Cabinet. With: Lab series, Peter Thomas Roth and Baxter of California. Continue reading Six Fresh Kicks for the Face: For Men’s Skin Care in Summer

How to Get Bronzed Skin


One can never be sure that the summer is equal to the sun.

And who doesn’t want a little yummy suit up for the big day? You do not have to lie and roast in the sun and, risking sunburn and an excessive dose of the harmful rays of the sun.

Maybe you are the type seem to think that natural summer tan is nice, but you simply do not have to lie flat and frying in the sun. You have not done so much in self-tanning, because you did not find much success with it. All too often it ends up looking artificially out.

Continue reading How to Get Bronzed Skin

Sensitive Skin Makeup Tips

Sensitive skin requires special care to avoid constant outbreaks or irritations. In a nutshell, you must be attentive to each product that you use – from components to the texture as well as well as to extreme changes in temperature, drugs and up to the life time of your cosmetics.

Yes, it sounds pretty but better safe than sorry. Learn how to make a skin delicate without suffering in the attempt!


Sensitive skin may have eczema, acne, rosacea, rashes or skin rash in a matter of minutes, only for an ingredient. Make up as little as possible or choose bases specific to your type of skin is recommended in these cases. What are? Without mineral oils, lanolin, fragrances or parabens. In fact, the more “natural” or organic buy it better. Same fix applies with the corrective.

In general, the delicate skin do not require layers and layers of heavy makeup; Perhaps that’s why the moisturizers with color are the most convenient alternative.

In your case, the BB Cream will not give good results since – the majority – have Helioplex and cinnamates (common in sunscreens), which causes irritation.

Make-up powder (either sealers, compact or databases), above all versions minerals, they do not contain oils and help your skin breathe. It hydrates your face the most if you plan on makeup with powder products to avoid “dry patches”.

Recommendations: Youngblood Natural Mineral Foundation, Josie Maran Argan Tinted Moisturizer and Tarte Cosmetics Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Waterproof Concealer. It is also important “to prepare” your face with a cream suitable for your skin type, as tips from theInternetFAQs, which in addition to soothe and soften, helps with spots and erase the lines of expression; even to heal your face after injections or treatments heavy… everything! without irritating sensitive skin


Allergic reactions in the eyes can occur in any type of skin, however, and for obvious reasons, sensitive skins are more prone to them. Again, stay away from fragrances, synthetic, with oils or excessive chemicals cosmetics, opting instead for simple formulas and Hypo-allergenic.

In terms of textures, prefers the shadows compact or cream, eyeliner pencil and gel (leading you through the tips above). You can also bet on those minerals, if you don’t have problems with powder products.

Mascaras are known for their “irritant” effect on dozens of women. Although it is almost impossible to find one that is “ideal” for sensitive eyes or skin, believe me there are options -mask eco, formulas in mousse, gel or cream, with few active ingredients, will help to keep your look fabulous. Finally, say goodbye to the mascaras to waterproof or very drying.

Recommendations: VMV Hypoallergenics Two True Hues Eyeshadow Duos, 100 Percent Pure Fruit Pigmented mask and Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Eyeliner.

Cheeks and lips

If you look closely at a delicate face, you can notice that cheeks has all the losing. Do your cheeks look red all the time? Perhaps a little concealer Green will help to tone down. Mix it with your makeup base or apply it before it.

Choose soft blushes – formula, texture and color – which does not overload the cheeks. Mineral powders do not resecaran or irritaran your skin but results are “cleared” with the passing of the hours, while the compact or cream blushers give you long duration (running the risk of having a secondary reaction) key? Search them without fragrances, oils and 100% natural. Don’t forget to do the same with the suntan lotion.

Probably, your lips from drying out easily or are allergic to the ingredients of the lipstick. A basic tip is to use mineral, organic or ecological balms that hydrate your mouth without causing you any peeling or allergies. Those who possess dyes are perfect for a subtle touch of color or if you prefer a Quick makeup.

Prevents the matte lipstick in dark tones (would compete with your face if it is red or irritated), dyes or colorants for lips or bars with large amounts of chemicals.

Recommendations: Origins Pinch Your Cheeks, It Cosmetics Vitality Lip Flush and Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment.

General tips

  • All your makeup should be hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic. No excuses!
  • Zero fragrances. For slightest be, can cause allergies.
  • It takes into account that an expired makeup brings consequences more serious in sensitive skin to the fat or mixed.
  • Washing your brushes constantly and do not touch your face with your fingers.
  • You ever try the makeup display or sample.
  • Keep a simple routine of cleaning and moisturizing. Votre Vu offers creams and “potions” for sensitive skin, soothing irritation and restoring the surface of the face. Magnifique!