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Bras of the Nymph of the Rule of the Game

Check out the Bras worn by Nymph, Roberta Rodrigues-is it a trend?

Nymph, character actress Roberta Rodrigues in the rules of the game, makes the bra a part of your day-to-day wardrobe, is your trademark. But this is fiction … or is it a picture of reality? There is a reality that is specific to each style of dress? Let’s talk a little more about it. Continue reading Bras of the Nymph of the Rule of the Game

Everything You Need to Know about the Corset

The corset is a special part of the women’s wardrobe. It has a unique beauty and enchants both women and men, for its sensual aspect and ability to draw the female body. The piece, however, is also considered complex, since it has different models and makes pair with other lingeries . Continue reading Everything You Need to Know about the Corset

Be My Sexy Valentine

On the date where everything is pink, there are hearts, balloons, flowers, chocolates… And all the boring and sticky we already know Valentine; Why better do not give them a small, rogue twist? Perhaps you have curiosity or desire to be more daring and dogmas, prejudices, Moche and more do not dare to use a coordinated charming, a garter belt, and even a baby doll, so this month is the best excuse to set aside the Hello Kitty panties and wear lingerie, dare, and perhaps your underwear drawer gives a 360 ° turn with these brands you are surely going to worship.

Continue reading Be My Sexy Valentine

Wedding Night Lingerie

Once was white and modest, but the new Millennium brides love to experiment with color but primarily with fabrics “see-don’t see.”

Apparently a detail, the lingerie for wedding night must have requirements and will be chosen with the same care that you choose all other details concerning the wedding: a day when, as you know, everything tends to perfection, even if there is always something that didn’t go exactly as we planned. Continue reading Wedding Night Lingerie