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Led Lights for 24-Hour Kart Race Part 1 of 4

It’s been awhile ago when I wrote the last blog post. For this, I want to apologize to you. I was not idle however by far! It took now almost 6 months, but now it has been fully developed, tested and used. A new, self developed LED lighting for a Kart. Now some would think are certainly what make a LED lamp at a Kart needs, but I can take (what a brilliant transition) also a little light in the dark. Continue reading Led Lights for 24-Hour Kart Race Part 1 of 4

LED Bulbs Emos

Insurmountable level are LEDs, which not only have a rich history, but the future belongs to them in the light.


The word LED stands for Light Emitting Diode word, ie. Solid-state electronic components that can emit light, infrared and ultraviolet radiation. That is the main difference between LED bulbs and standard LEDs. Slengově LEDs called “LEDs”.

These lamps are versatile in a variety of signaling devices. E.g. the lighting, LEDs, displays, etc.

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How to Choose Flashlight

Flashlights are almost a must in any form of prepping. Most disaster scenarios in any case, I prepare myself before means I will not have access to electricity. This applies regardless of whether I glitches or bugs out. And there is no electricity, there is unlikely to be no functioning lights that rely on an electrical outlet.

It is of course possible to arrange lighting using such as candles, oil lamps, and the like. But even if you arrange the lighting in this way is a couple of flashlights or an effective supplement that also works well both indoors and outdoors and in most weather conditions.

At my purchases of flashlights ambition has been to refrain from large flashlights of the type maglite when their light quality is not even close to the price they command. Moreover, they are bulky, which does not suit me very well when I was in the worst case refers to bug out and want to have as easy/non-bulky gadgets as possible. The only advantage of a maglite is possibly that it also can be used as weapons (listofledlights.com) if you now feel they have the need.

But it appeared obviously a maglite on our site that no one offered why I put a bid on 10 million and won the bidding. The reason I even have a maglite is reason alone it being cheap and not that I had any real need for a maglite.

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Desk Lamps Guide

Lamps and lights provide a bright and charming to our room light. However, for some lights, functionality is paramount, and so with the desk lamps we use.

Of course, the design and appearance are also important and often also meet their functionality.

He who sits on the desk takes more than good ideas and good concepts of work, adequate and sufficient light. Desk lamps are very important for a good and healthy results in the workplace, but face greater challenges to be overcome.

On the one hand, the lighting should not be too weak and you could easily wear you down, but on the other hand, it should not be too hard as eyes weary in. The requirements for desk lamps are to keep you awake but also relaxes you eyes. Furthermore, it should be possible to work with your computer, laptop and handwrite.

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LED Light Panels

Today we are going to talk about a product that, in just a few days, it will be part of our catalogue of LED products and which will be available to all our customers and distributors. LED light panels, a product that, despite not being currently a benchmark in the world of LED lighting, we believe it is going to be a revolution in this world, thanks to its versatility and high efficiency. In our case, we will work initially with models of 40W, 50W and measure 60 x 60 cm, although they are available in rectangular and lower.

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Comparison of LED Bulbs

Our views on the current situation of LED bulbs:

Many of the pipes that are currently sold on the market are manufactured with type SMD 3528LED. This LED, as you can see in the table attached below, does not in itself same no heat dissipation area, which makes its emission of heat have to dissipate quickly through the back with a thermal Putty and in contact with the aluminum. In addition, if it gets a high number of LEDs in a confined space, the problem increases, therefore we do not recommend powers higher than 15W with this LED bulbs of 120 cm, since heat is not dissipated sufficiently, especially if they are on for a very long time and, in addition, have the driver (constant current power supply) inside because that entails a number of faults in the driver and an important light loss in the short term. We estimate that you for a 20W LED bulb with use of more than 15 hours a day, in an area without air conditioning and with closed luminaire, the loss in just one year could reach 20%.

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