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LED Lighting – Lamps & Fixtures

In the first part of this series, I talked about on the plafon one of the many decorative lamps s, showed the lamp AR70 (halogenated), the DULUX (Osram pin fluorescent), the Halopin(compact halogenated Osram) and Palito (halogenated also).

In the second part I talked about the standing lamps and table and Led lamps, incandescent soft and mini-electronic. Continue reading LED Lighting – Lamps & Fixtures

The Concept Is Based on – Exclusive LED Lamps Proven

Ledclusive.De Separates The Wheat From The Chaff

You can read it many times. Who buys cheap, buys twice. Finger away from Cheap LED Lamps.

The following are a few statements from independent organizations:

Stiftung Warentest:
“Expensive LED lamps are better than all others”;
“In the test the expensive LED lamps could decide the competition” Continue reading The Concept Is Based on – Exclusive LED Lamps Proven

Best Types of Lamp for Every Room in the House

Environment lighting is something that has a great value when it comes to electrical projects for a House. So, it is very important to use the correct types of lamp for each environment, thereby getting the best efficiency of each model and the best possible feeling of well-being. Continue reading Best Types of Lamp for Every Room in the House

Tactical Flashlight Led Cree Police Professional Q5 Range 500m

Its Q5 Led provides intense and strong light for use with
closed focus up to 700m range (in total darkness).
Flashlight made of tough, durable aluminum alloy,
non-slip surface  for added comfort in handling.
It has Zoom from 1x to 2000x and uses ceramic in the semiconductors of the
LEDs, which reduces energy consumption, making it perfect.
Accompany various accessories and gifts in a kit that is one of the
most complete on the site. Continue reading Tactical Flashlight Led Cree Police Professional Q5 Range 500m

LED Light Panels

Today we are going to talk about a product that, in just a few days, it will be part of our catalogue of LED products and which will be available to all our customers and distributors. LED light panels, a product that, despite not being currently a benchmark in the world of LED lighting, we believe it is going to be a revolution in this world, thanks to its versatility and high efficiency. In our case, we will work initially with models of 40W, 50W and measure 60 x 60 cm, although they are available in rectangular and lower.

Continue reading LED Light Panels

Comparison of LED Bulbs

Our views on the current situation of LED bulbs:

Many of the pipes that are currently sold on the market are manufactured with type SMD 3528LED. This LED, as you can see in the table attached below, does not in itself same no heat dissipation area, which makes its emission of heat have to dissipate quickly through the back with a thermal Putty and in contact with the aluminum. In addition, if it gets a high number of LEDs in a confined space, the problem increases, therefore we do not recommend powers higher than 15W with this LED bulbs of 120 cm, since heat is not dissipated sufficiently, especially if they are on for a very long time and, in addition, have the driver (constant current power supply) inside because that entails a number of faults in the driver and an important light loss in the short term. We estimate that you for a 20W LED bulb with use of more than 15 hours a day, in an area without air conditioning and with closed luminaire, the loss in just one year could reach 20%.

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