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Look with Jeans Perfect for a Walk with Friends

Are You Going To Walk, Travel, Have Fun? Look Beautiful Wearing Jeans Look.

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The jeans is that more democratic fabric there. They are diverse pieces in jeans, and all of them are quite versatile, combining with different styles, physical types and occasions. And the best part is that they are always fashionable. Continue reading Look with Jeans Perfect for a Walk with Friends

How To Wear a Jeans Shirt

Who does not have jeans or jeans in the closet, right? Because like these pieces, the jeans shirt is a superversatile item, which fits well in any style. Open or closed, it is easy to combine and accompanies diverse occasions, always giving a special highlight to the visual.

In everyday life, it can be used for both work and it is also a good option for a stroll, or even for a night out. By breaking a bit of the formality of the piece, the jeans shirt is also an interesting choice when you do not need to go social, but if you want to be well dressed and modern. Continue reading How To Wear a Jeans Shirt

Is Denim on Denim in Style

One of the spring-summer 2014 trends most interesting is that of denim garments, evergreen material that is every year thanks to new interpretations of haute couture houses and low cost brands. The summer 2014 rewards the jeans long articles almost never associated with this type of material, such as mini-dresses and long dresses, but even shoes, bags and accessories. Let’s find out what are the leaders in the trendiest of the moment denim. Continue reading Is Denim on Denim in Style

How Do I Find the Ideal Jeans for Hot Summer?

Warm temperatures and sunshine are now no longer far.Slowly but surely we can now also stow the thicker transitional cups back in the back of the cupboard.But stop, your jeans do not have to be cleared right now.You can wear it in the summer.Assuming, of course, they meet some criteria.As you find the ideal jeans for the summer, I want to tell you today with some tips. Continue reading How Do I Find the Ideal Jeans for Hot Summer?

How to Choose Jeans Pant

Did you know that the word “jeans” comes from the Italian city of Genoa in which the sailors were known to wear sturdy pants fustian (after a fabric a blend of linen or wool and cotton)?

In the eighteenth, they began to call it “  Jene Fustyan  ” which gave “Jean pants” a century later. Interesting right?

Yes guys! It’s jeans and other pants which we will discuss today. So if you want to discover the perfect characteristics of the pants, how to wear, how to maintain it, and where to buy it, then read on, you’ll like! Continue reading How to Choose Jeans Pant