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Look with Jeans Perfect for a Walk with Friends

Are You Going To Walk, Travel, Have Fun? Look Beautiful Wearing Jeans Look.

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The jeans is that more democratic fabric there. They are diverse pieces in jeans, and all of them are quite versatile, combining with different styles, physical types and occasions. And the best part is that they are always fashionable. Continue reading Look with Jeans Perfect for a Walk with Friends

Women’s Black Leather Jacket: How to Use

The black leather jacket is the most indispensable item in a woman’s wardrobe in the winter or on cold days. It can be used both in looks more rockers (since this is the idea that it naturally passes), as looks more romantic (because it breaks completely this and creates an interesting contrast). Learn how to set up looks amazing with this piece. Continue reading Women’s Black Leather Jacket: How to Use

The Look Right: Henley Shirt And Sneakers Custom

Since the usual used completely casual way appears to be the Belle of the ball found a good cite as an example a combination that uses a part that I believe to be much overlooked in Brazil: the henley shirt, we talked about it here, and I think the play deserves attention for your versatility and chance to get out of the common place of basic t-shirt even without having any exaggerated detail. Continue reading The Look Right: Henley Shirt And Sneakers Custom

Women’s Leather Jacket

Winter is coming, in some cities the cold promises to be intense, it’s time to get your women’s leather jacket, right?

The history of leather jacket dates from a sad period of humanity, the second world war. To protect the airline pilots of the cold of high altitudes the army spent to supply jackets made of leather, known as a bomber jacket. In parallel, in the post-war period the bikes were the object of desire of Americans and to protect themselves from possible falls, began to use the leather jackets which are resistant offered good protection. Continue reading Women’s Leather Jacket

6 Tricks to the Looks of Demi-Season!

The looks of Demi-season are always the hardest to put together because now it’s cold, now it’s hot… my big tip here is betting on styling tricks to make the production with a different guy enjoying the pieces that you already have in the wardrobe. With that in mind, I separated 6 tips how to keep your legal well look more stylish this fall, come with me! Continue reading 6 Tricks to the Looks of Demi-Season!

3 Coats That Will Save You This Summer

That crazy title, isn’t that right, folks? But the truth is that you can’t give up the coats completely after that comes the hottest season. Is that beyond the air-conditioning of the establishments and offices are placed in minimum temperature, causing the typical about-more-hot-cold anymore, yet we suffer with winds and breezes at night to look at 33 degrees after a whole day on the beach. That is, feel a chill in the summer is normal and it is better to be prepared. Continue reading 3 Coats That Will Save You This Summer

Women’s Spring Leather Jackets 2016

Today a leather jacket – an essential attribute of many stylish visuals. In the arsenal of nearly every fashion is necessarily a place for fashion leather models. Particularly topical this subject wardrobe becomes demi-season period. In spring fashion leather jackets – this is not only a demonstration of good taste and component stylish way. But practicality, comfort and beauty.

Condensed models. Today stylists offer girls to create original images, models with short vintage jackets (see Ezinereligion.com).

Continue reading Women’s Spring Leather Jackets 2016