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iPhone Users are the Most Loyal Customers!

Who are the most loyal mobile customers? Clearly you that have an iPhone! A market research company asked in a survey for the mobile phone customers who are most loyal to their mobile phone brand. Results of the survey: three out of four iPhone users buy a new smartphone back an iPhone – they are the most loyal mobile customers!

For the representative survey questioned the research firm of wireless data services (WDS) the 3,000 mobile phone users from the UK, Australia and the United States. This indicated 76 percent of those surveyed had an iPhone, to remain faithful to their mobile phone brand and when next buying of a Smartphone to opt again for an iPhone from Apple. It is according to the survey, the iPhone disciples are the most loyal mobile customers. They are most loyalsten their brand. Even if pretty good sounds, two and a half years ago was even more loyal iPhone customers, at that time still nine out of ten iPhone owners bought an iPhone himself again. The loyal mobile customers is the Samsung buyer right behind the iPhone fans: the poll 58 percent of them would decide when the mobile buying new again for a Samsung phone. On the third place, the fans from LG with 38 percent come, in the midfield are the buyer of the manufacturer Nokia and HTC phones.

Evil, however, it looks, if you look at the loyalty of Apple smartphones cell phone customers. Only 21 percent of cell phone customers would opt again for a BlackBerry phone, this is likely but is justified, that many owners of BlackBerry phones were afraid before the end of the group, long the circulating the various rumors on the net around as we continue with the Canadian smartphone maker.

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iPhone 6s: Force Touch Can Be Used For Camera Control

Easier iPhone 6 s: switch between camera modes with the force-touch technology is attributed to the new Smartphone von Apple for quite some time. The display technology is sensitive to input and thus new possibilities for the operation – including for the camera app.

So it should be possible, for example iPhone 6s with the, to shoot photos during video recording reported 9to5Mac, citing the report of a Foxconn employee. It is also conceivable that can be changed via force touch easily between video and photo mode. As a result the main camera of smartphones would enhanced with practical functions, allegedly with 12 MP resolves and ought to do both 4K-Videos and slow-motion shots with 240 frames per second.

iPhone 6s Force Touch Can Be Used For Camera Control

Pink White Version Planned?

The same report should mention a new color version, which would introduce Apple with the iPhone 6 s. Therefore, the successor to the iPhone 6 not only in grey, gold and silver will be available, but also in a version with a pink back and white front. This Apple with its new smartphone would not only on chip building put the Apple watch, but take over an Apple watch Edition model design.

There is also talk that the speed is to be increased by touch ID by up to 30 percent. This identification via fingerprint within less than one second would be possible. That touch ID should be improved in the iPhone 6 s, rumors had predicted – but less specific than the current report end of June.

The 5 Best Tips To Take Pictures With The iPhone 5

Make excellent photos with the Apple iPhone 5: the camera of the Apple smartphones by 2012 enables good pictures – though the resolution of the photo apparatus built into the iPhone 5 MP is only 8. The camera app of the unit offers you a number of setting possibilities with which your snapshots can be even better. We have compiled some useful tips for you so that you can get more out of the camera of the iPhone 5.

Get Close To The Object

The distance to the subject is a basic tip for good photos: always as close as possible to the object approaches and dispenses with the zoom function. Will search out the best angle you, before pressing the shutter button of the iPhone 5. Also if you want to photograph a landscape such as a meadow, for example, it is always a good idea to have an object in the foreground, such as a flower or a person.

The 5 Best Tips To Take Pictures With The iPhone 5

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Shot On iPhone 6: Video Parodied Apple’s Camera Campaign

Apple’s current advertising campaign “Shot on iPhone 6” presents some breathtaking shots that users have created with their iPhone 6, to praise the excellent camera features of the Smartphone as a result. In a YouTube video, the idea of advertising is pulled sound through the cocoa.

The advertisement is similar to the campaign “Shot on iPhone 6” in sequence and kind, but differs significantly in their content. While enlisted in the original Apple spots especially with innocuous scenes of nature and sport, pretty much anything goes wrong during the shooting in the parody.

Apple’s Advertising Methods Are Taken On The Grain

So this is is is moving in slow motion on the photographer to – scared of the next moment like a stalker by a disgruntled mother to see a toddler, in the first scene about. The other scenes are full of mishaps with unexpected twists, or are suddenly from one emerging corpulent man in undershirt, biting into too unsavory way in a hallway.

The parody might also amusing – actually, the made good satire is a protest: in a statement to the video the author denounces the promotional methods of the iPhone group and claims as well as nobody, iPhone 6 would produce videos on his, like Apple reveals. The current advertising campaign will again give a distorted reality. If Apple really ordinary shots, they would probably resemble those in the parody, the author believes. By the way, it is not the first parody of the Werbekampgagne.

iPhone 6s: Gel File Blueprints By Foxconn 12 MP Camera Indicate

iPhone 6s Gel File Blueprints By Foxconn 12 MP Camera Indicate

Camera upgrade for the iPhone 6s: is apparently that next Apple before pointing model equipped with a camera, MP offers a resolution of 12. In addition, it should support video recordings in 4 K and enable slow motion shots with 240 frames per second.

This emanates from construction sketches, supposedly coming from an employee of Foxconn, reported GSMArena. This have released the images via the social network of Weibo — and then deleted them. Also the front-facing camera to provide MP better resolution 6 and the iPhone 6 5 than even the iPhone plus. For the main camera, this would be the first upgrade in the resolution for a long time – since the iPhone 4S have all cameras on the back of the iPhones resolution of 8 MP.

Has Mass Production Already Started?

That the leak comes at this stage by Foxconn, increases the likelihood that it corresponds to the facts: until recently, it had said that Apple mass production would start the iPhone 6 s in July. To avoid bottlenecks on the release of the iPhone 6 successor in September, Apple would have to actually now begin preparing.

On July 1, images of the iPhone had reached the first time 6 s case to the public. This revealed among other things that Apple has probably made no major changes compared to its predecessor in relation to the design. Also, it says that a new chip from Qualcomm is fitted in the Smartphone. This will allow twice as fast download speeds with LTE as the chip installed in the predecessor. The main feature of the iPhone 6s is expected to be the display: this is to use the so-called force-touch technology, allows the inputs with different pressure.